Beyond tired

Abigail is sick. She has the really bad chest cold that's been going around. She has been up for two nights straight...which means I've been up with her. The hard part is that she seems to fall into a deep sleep about an hour before Logan wakes up in the morning. So, while she drifts off to sleepy land, I get up with Logan to start the day, around 6:00am. It's physically and mentally painful.

I am tired.

I am soo tired.

I am really really really tired.

It's only 3:00pm.

Another five hours of this day before I can put the kids down to bed.

But, there is no guarantee that Abby will sleep.

Which makes me feel kind of crazy.

Have i mentioned how stinkin' freakin' tired I am?

Just thought I'd remind you.

My bedtime countdown continues...

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  1. I'm sorry your Abby is so sick and you are so tired. Missed you and your cute family at church today. Hope you get some sleep tonight!