Boundaries & White Flags

Have I mentioned that parenting is such a difficult task?
Well, it is.
And I'm sure I've mentioned it a time or two.

It really astounds me how difficult it is to be a parent. And hopefully a good parent. I am very aware that raising my children is the biggest job I'll ever have, and I want to do it well. I want to be a good parent. What is a good parent? Hmmm...many things come to mind, but I think one of the biggest, and most difficult parts of being a good parent is creating boundaries and teaching obedience. Here are some daily--no hourly-- boundaries in the Attwood home
  • No, you may not have juice
  • eat your food
  • Logan get out of the trash can
  • Logan stop throwing food
  • Abby stop hitting Logan
  • Abby do not kick your brother
  • Logan that is not your toy
  • Abby please share with your brother
  • Do not talk like that to mommy
  • Be kind to your friends
  • Share your toys
  • I said no
  • I said no
  • Don't ask me again
  • Do not talk to me that way
  • Stop crying, do not throw a fit or you'll go to your room
  • Go to you room
  • Stop screaming
  • Ask nicely
  • Come here
Boundaries. These statements may not seem like they are creating boundaries, but they are--in a two year old's world. They are teaching obedience to mommy and daddy, which ideally will flow into an obedience to Jesus. Sounds logical, scientific even; but the task of teaching a little person obedience is HARD!

It amazes me how the sinful nature appears so early. Even Logan will resist me and my boundaries...he's only 13 months old! Fast forward two years and he'll be in full blown toddler-boundary-testing-land. Abigail pushes the boundaries just about every second of the day. From the moment her big blue eyes wake up, she is testing me, pushing me, resisting the boundaries that we set for her. It is exhausting! There are situations where I'm so worn down that I just give up "holding the line" and wave my white flag and let her run right through my boundary. But, then I pick up my parenting weapon--which is prayer--and set that boundary up again. Because in less than two minutes the lessons in obedience will ensue.

I know that I need the Lord's power to be a good parent. It's too hard to do alone. It's impossible to have the wisdom and strength...and heck, I'm only at age two!! I cannot imagine my sassy, emotional, strong willed two-year-old as a 17 year old!

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