Loss of taste ...

I am really really sick. This morning I decided it was urgent that I receive care from a doctor, so off to urgent care I went. I took my little Logan. He's been really sick to and seems to be getting worse. After about an hour I found myself waiting in the line at the pharmacy.


Logan: Bronchitis
Me: Raging sinus infection

At least our visit was worth a co-pay and the loss of our Saturday morning. We got the drugs! yes! I am praying that I begin to feel better by morning...even just a small improvement would be noted and appreciated. My eyes feel like they are nearly swollen shut, and they also feel like they are on fire and have so much sinus pressure around them that I'm pretty sure at any moment they may just shoot right out of my head. I'm not sure I'd miss them. (okay that's a lie)

Also, my ear canals feels swollen...is that possible? Not sure? But last night, I accompanied Mr. Attwood to a high school play, which was fabulous! .....

.....Let me take a quick rabbit trail here. I am always always enthralled with plays--of any sort and of any talent level. If I could be a theater junky I would....but the Mr. doesn't like theater. Can you belive that nonesence?! Me either! This particular one was a musical called "How to Succeed at Business without even Trying" At was totally impressed with these high school students! They were awesome! It was a full house so the seating was tight. I was trying my hardest not to snuffle or blow my nose to loudly. At intermission (which I called half time...the Mr.'s sport addiction is rubbing of on me) me and John walked outside to get a coffee and people began to come up to us to chat--I swear I couldn't hear myself speak. I may have been yelling or barely audible, I really have no idea. My ears are so freaking plugged that I cannot hardly function in social situations such as this. After some chit chat John looked over at me and said, "you look like you're going to die. We need to go home." So off we went. I never got to find out how that fabulous play ended. darn it.

You know what is truly horrific about this sinus torture? I cannot taste food! Not sure how all of the sinus/ear/mouth wiring works, but if you get to messed up your taste buds loose their spunk and food definitely looses it's appeal.

A few moments ago I was standing in the kitchen, trying to will my broken buds to work. I was staring in the pantry and reminiscing about all of the different flavors. Salty Olives, my beloved chocolate, spicy jalapeno chips, sweet creamy yogurt. I honestly must say that it's really depressing. I really like food. And it's really not fun to eat when you cannot taste a darn thing.

I just heard the **ding** of the microwave. John's cooked something up. Lucky him.

I think I'll go take another shot of antibiotics and watch Food Network...

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