My two nemeses--with a small revision...

It has been an interesting week. I've been pulled over TWO times by the SAME motorcycle cop, I've been summons to jury duty, I'm pretty sure I have a cavity because my tooth hurts, both my kids are sick, I woke up sick this morning as well, and we had to pay mucho money to get our car worked on, and we have a looming tax appt this month.

Wow, such fun lately! :)

Throughout all of these events, the two things that are proving to be challenging are--giving my soon-to-be-three daughter her cough medicine, and trying to walk past the rice crispy treats without eating a bite on the run!

Abby's next dose is in an hour....wish me luck! (Let's just say that I have stained many towels and shirts due to Abby spitting out the medicine while kicking and failing her arms and legs)

The Silver Lining Revision: I now think I have a sinus infection. Why is that a silver lining? Well I can now cancel my dentist appointment...I think my teeth hurt because of my sinus infection....so no Novocaine for me! Yes!

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