Overdue Apology

When I was a little girl I loved cats. I had too many to count...not all at once, but one at a time. Many of my feline friends died rather quickly. Bitten by a possum, ran over by a car, mysterious disappearances, kitty leukemia, etc. We did have one or two that lasted for a long time. Mr. Misty was my favorite. A good cat. A good cat because he really was a dog at heart.

Point is, my parents were gracious enough to continue on this kitty adventure until I outgrew it. Towards the end of my feline fixation my mother was told by a doctor that her chronic sinus infections were attributed to CATS.

Yep, my mother is allergic to cats. We never knew, but my poor mother always had sinus infections, due to my various cats. Her suffering = my cat

Fast forward 15 years and here I am just finally getting over my first sinus infection. Boy, do they hurt.

Mom....I am so sorry that you lived with sinus infections for so many years....

...because of my cats.

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  1. What we do for our kids. You loved them so much and then I remember the day when after being sick for 2 years with chronic sinus infections and many doctors appt's and then finally found out what was making me so sick. So the cat had too go. No worries we had no idea I was allergic. You are forgiven! :)
    Love you so!