Today is my birthday.
I am 31.
A spring chicken as far as I am concerned.
Which is fitting, because today is a gloriously beautiful spring day. It's a lovely 75 degrees, with birds chirping and sun shinning.
I took the kids to the park. We had a picnic and then they ran (and crawled), which got them good and tired.
So, we came home and they both have been sleeping for an hour.
Happy Birthday to me!
What's even better....is I've used this napping time to putter around and do nothing. I sat outside. I hung my new hummingbird feeder right by the kitchen window so that we can (hopefully) watch our new birdie friends enjoy their nectar.
yep, just a birthday-spring-hummingbird-sunny day in the Attwood home.

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  1. Happy Birthday sweetie! You are a spring chicken. :)
    I'm glad it was so beautiful for you and your sweet babies!
    I'm hope you and John get to do something special tonight!
    I love you so much!

    Happy Birthday to my baby!!
    Mom and Dad