People watching at the zoo

We took the kids to the Los Angeles Zoo today. I was shocked when we walked to the entrance at 11:30am and the line to the ticket counter was huge!

I stood there.

I waited.

I shuffled forward another foot or two.

And I people watched.

Did you know that I'm always people watching and listening in to other people's conversations? Well, I am. I just can't help myself. People watching is one of my most favorite activities. One that I do not get to do all that often, as I am usually home with my kids all day. But today, at the zoo, there was an entire bounty of interesting characters to spy on.

A beautiful women in front of me. Spanish speaking. With two pre-teen sons. I was surprised when her husband walked up. He looked like a gang member. Didn't see that one coming.

The grandmother-ish women behind. She made like 15 calls on her cell phone. Speaking in, what I'm guessing, was Arabic. She was frantic. She kept stepping in front of me, bumping into me from behind, looking over her shoulder. She was a big ball of nervous energy and she made me tense. Finally, I ushered her in front of me. She seemed happier that she had made her way closer to the ticket counter.

Two college aged boys. Clearly European by the way they dressed. Europeans guys can dress almost feminine and pull it off. They had tight Bermuda shorts rolled just above their knees, tight t-shirts on and big sunglasses. Very hip--if you're a European. :) They were speaking French...fast...back and forth to one another. I wondered what they were talking about.

I stood in that line for nearly 25 minutes and I never heard another person speak English. I find that very fascinating. I love that part of LA. I think that other cultures are intriguing.

We eventually made it in. Saw some animals. Walked around. Bought a bottle of water for $4.00. Abby fell twice. Logan wanted to climb into every animals catch and was ticked each time I did not let him. We left at 3:30. Bad thing about LA-getting on the freeway anytime after 3:00. We sat in traffic. My lovely husband drove. I read. (I'm currently devouring the Twilight series). The kids slept.

And that was that.

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