It was around 5:30am when my water broke. I woke up John and we headed to the hospital. I remember the drive. I think we were both a little terrified. I remember I called my mom, she answered the phone with the "are you in labor" tone. I whispered to her that my water broke and we were on our way to meet our daughter. I'm not sure why I whispered. I think it was because I was very aware that we were about to create a sacred memory.

We were checked in. I remember feel so scared, but really excited. I was hooked up to all the monitors, wires, ivy's, and poked and prodded. Then we sat. We waited. We saw family. We saw the needle on the contraction monitor bounce up and down. We waited some more. We were told that Abigail's heart rate was decelerating. I was flipped from one side to another. I was ready to push. I remember pushing so hard that I was sure my eyes were going to pop. I remember John's face, the encouragement from my sister, and the information from my awesome nurse. Our stubborn, emotional Abigail was face up and stuck. They told me I had a few more chances to get her out or we'd have to do a C-section. I pushed with all my heart, and out came our little girl. I distinctly remember my sister's joyful cries as she watched her niece being pulled up by her little legs and welcomed to our world. John was quiet, but I'll never forget the look on his face.

A family of three was created.

A mother was born.

My world has never been the same.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sensitive, stubborn, strong willed, emotional, caring, Abigail. We love you.

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  1. We love Abby too! So much! The joy of being a Na Na is hard to explain. Our world will never be the same because of the birth of Abby. She will never know how much we love her and cherish her! So unique, sensitive, smart, cute, a princess, so feminine, sweet tooth, expressive, emotional but most of all our 2nd born grandchild! So loved and cherished! Thank you John and Shauna for giving us ABBY!

    Happy 3rd Birthday!!

    Love Mom