Wishing for a sick day...

Today I do not want to be a mother.

I won't apologize for that statement.

Because it's true.

I'm sure all mothers have those days. I just want to be left alone to my thoughts. I want to read a book for hours without interruption. I want to lay down and watch a movie. I want to go somewhere fun with my husband. I want to sleep in. I don't want to change diapers, clean snotty noses, watch oatmeal covered hands, whip down yogurt crusted highchairs, entertain children, or cook meals.

I just want to do my own thing today.

I want to be selfish.

Which, unfortunately, is not an option when you have the title of mother.


  1. You're a great mom Shauna!! I was thinking of you this morning because we didn't get to hangout(I didn't bother to ask because I know John is on spring break). Hope tomorrow is better.
    Btw, I'm officially "on the market" and looked at a couple houses this morning...1 of which was close to you

  2. how exciting Karen! You will have to keep me posted on the hunt! :)