The blessings of sacrifice

I have been known (mostly by my husband) to complain about the required selflessness that accompanies motherhood. Don't get me wrong, I have not mastered the "selflessness" concept, in fact, I think I'm just beginning to understand it. Motherhood is odd, in that it requires around the clock sacrifice. As a mother, there is never a moment in my day (or night) that I'm "off the clock." If my children require a nap, I cancel plans. My wardrobe is planned around nursing, playing in the mud, and chasing toddlers. My sleep is always interrupted, my meals consist of chicken nuggets and applesauce, I do not get time alone with my husband, etc.
Now, it's not like I walk around in total irritation all of the time because I am a mother...I hope I haven't portrayed that! It's just during the moments when I am tired that I fight these types frustrations.


Very recently I began to see the sacrifices of motherhood as more of a blessing than a hardship. In fact, I am realizing how truly grateful I am for this aspect of motherhood. Not much else in life requires so much of oneself. And having so much required of me prompts me to seek the Lord. To ask for patience. To ask for wisdom. To give thanks! To praise the Lord that He chose me to be the mother of Abigail and Logan. I am also beginning to see the good stuff that comes from me giving myself to my family. For one thing, takes the focus off of ME! Making decisions based on the needs of others is a good thing. Not having the opportunity to be lazy, although annoying, is a good thing! There is not a lot of room to be self absorbed. There is no place for vanity--that was birthed out of me with my children, who left me with stretch marks and a changed figure. It is difficult to be a narcissist when there's no time to think about me.

Although these changes are difficult and I'm not always graceful about them, I am so grateful for this aspect of motherhood. I know it is making me a better person.

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  1. I love you. You have captured the meaning of Motherhood and understand that with anything we do that doesn't cost much of us doesn't mean much. Motherhood costs us our life but what we get in return is priceless. Just look at my returns from my 2 beautiful daughters! You and Becca are my greatest joy but it has cost me giving up my life but the return can't be put in words, it's of the heart!
    You are truly blessed!
    All my heart and soul,