Abby and Logan have enjoyed having their cousins close by these last eight months. I have enjoyed getting to know my niece and nephew. I have enjoyed watching the interaction between my children and my sister's children. I never realized how busy my sister and I have been having kids until they were all in the same room. Here is the breakdown:

Weston: age 4
Abigail: age 3
Sierra: age 2
Logan: age 1

Whew! I'm exhausted just typing it! :)

Weston is the leader of the bunch. He is very scientific. He is very smart. He likes to do things his way and expects everyone else to do the same. He always surprises me with his willingness to give me a big hug--he holds on very tight, and I appreciate that!

Sierra's middle name is Joy and I could not think of a better name for her. She is JOYFUL! She is always happy, always smiling, always wanting a hug, and always loving. She has become Logan's mother and is always concerned if he is upset. She loves when Abby plays with her, and will follow along happily with whatever game Abby invents. She is the most snuggley child I've ever met. She is a mama's girl, but will be just as content with Nana.

My sister and her family will be leaving in three weeks. It will be three years until I see them again and while I know that time goes so fast, I will miss them all so very much.

But, no time for goodbyes yet! We've got a lot to do before they leave town.


  1. My 4 beautiful grandchildren! What can I say about each of them. Hum, each one is so handsome or so beautiful and each one so different and unique. I love each one so much and love how different they are.

    Weston: very smart, intense, very sensitive and loving. He is stubborn but a leader. He knows what he wants and sticks to it. Says the most adorable things and is very athletic. I love him so much!

    Abigail: Very sensitive, very smart, loyal to the people in her inner circle, very feminim, silly,
    funny, very stubborn, bossy in a sweet way, mommy's girl. I love her so much!

    Sierra: Our giggle girl, happy, joyful, strong, very loving, loud, cuddly, loves to be hugged, loves to eat, can be strong willed, very sensitive, a pleaser, wants everyone happy, poor sleeper, very smart, a girl of few words, :) I love her so much!

    Logan: I call him my little bulldog, a one track mind, doesn't give up, very loving, great smile, very coordinated, I think he is going to be mechanical, great fine motor skills, adorable, too cute, and I love him very much!

    So I'm blessed beyond words, and enjoy my grand children and I have the best daughters, and son-in-laws in the world.
    I'm going to miss my Weston, and Sierra so much, my heart already aches for them. My Becca, such a joy to my life, I'm going to miss her so much and Peter; such a great Father and Husband. Kind and loving and I will miss him so much. What a great family!
    So as they prepare to leave, we will cherish every moment and memory!
    I'm rambling but must let everyone know my heart.
    Thanks for the pictures.
    Love Mom xoxo

  2. thank you for sharing mom. It's good to just get it out! :) We will all miss them!!