Saying Goodbye

Peter, Becca, Weston, and Sierra are getting ready to return to Mongolia. Yesterday we all said goodbye to one another.

Sad. That we won't see them for a few years.

Blessed. That I have family I am close with.

Grateful. For the time we have had together these last nine months.

Hard. Knowing that my sister will be far away and lonely.

Proud. That they have the dedication and faith to walk the life God has planned for them.

Aware. That time will go fast, as it always seems to do, and we will all see each other soon.

Believing. That the God we serve is big and can make himself known in spite of poverty, confusion, a struggling country, idolatry, fear, and spiritual darkness.

Trusting that there will be some incredible stories from Mongolia very soon.


  1. You have a way with words. Said well.

    I love all the pictures. What wonderful memories!

    Wonderful family!

    Love Mom

  2. i love you so much. Thanks for this post. Love you,