A typical day as a mom...

Today I woke up early with my little boy. We watched cartoons together while he drank his bottle. As he sipped on his morning juice, he played with my eyelashes--sometimes violently. I finally had to restrain his willing little hands. He yelled baby babble profanities at me for a few minutes.

Abigail yelled from her new big girl bed, "Mama, I awake." I went in to get her and handed her a cup of chocolate milk stat!

We watched more cartoons, they ate breakfast, Logan walked around naked for a bit until I could catch him, pin him down long enough to get a diaper on him. They tackled me, jumped on me, yelled at me, threw fits when they did not get their way, fought over toys, gave me kisses, Logan played with my eyelashes some more, Abby danced, Logan walked around babbling loudly, I took Abby to the potty, got them dressed and ready for the day.

This brings me to about 8:00am.

Long gone are the days of sleeping in. Lounging casually. Watching TV-at least the shows I want. Skipping breakfast. Watching movies all day.

The rest of the day consisted of snacks, lunch, dinner, two rounds of Popsicles, playing outside, Logan ate more bugs, Abby threw lots of dirt in the kiddy pool, chasing lizards, falling down, getting ouchies, kissing ouchies, cleaning up messes, Logan pooped on the rug (not sure how this happened because he had a diaper on), more cleaning, more cooking, more comforting, watching Cars, watching Peter Pan, watching Veggie Tales (boy sounds like a lot of TV, an internal battle I've stopped fighting), giving baths, PJ's, and finally bedtime.

Not eventful, but always busy.

I asked Abby, "why do you love your mommy?" She thought about it, and said, "I love my mama because she can pop like a puffer fish!"


O-well, she also thinks that Logan is "a little robot named Wall-E."

Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's everywhere.

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  1. Loved it. I laughed on the poop. Hum? Life as a Mommy is so busy and hard but worth every minute.

    Happy Mother's Day!! You are great!