Do you smell poop?

This morning the kids, John and I were having a leisurely morning at home. We had on some good music (Paul Simon), and the kids were dancing. Every now and again I'd say, "do you smell poop?" I'd look in Logan's diaper--no poop. Strange. Oh, well, I must be imagining it. A few minutes later John would say, "I really think it smells like poop." I'd say, "I know but I've checked and no one has poop." Five minutes later, I see a small something clinched in Logan's hand--it looked like a chocolate covered raisin.....

...it was not a chocolate covered raisin.

I laughed so hard, while John was gagging.

Just another poop filled morning with our kids.



Abby is a girly girl and as any girly girl knows, accessories really make the outfit. Abby is no stranger to accessorizing--especially when it comes to picking out hair clips.



We have a tradition of asking Abby, "what was your favorite part of the day today?"
I always love to hear her answers.
This moment was perhaps the favorite part of my day.


Incomplete--well almost

Tonight the house is quiet.
Tonight there is nobody asking me for a snack.
Tonight there is no chocolate milk being mixed.
Tonight there is no night time books being read.
Tonight there is no bedtime rituals being played out.
Tonight there is no little girl taking care of her babies.
Tonight there is no "good night mama. I love you"
Tonight someone is missing.
Tonight is my little Abby's first sleep over at Nana and Papa's house.
Tonight is a big night!
Tonight is the first night that I've been away from my girl. (excluding Logan's birth)
I must admit, I cried when my girl drove away with her Nana.


I know that Abby is having so much fun over at my parents house. They'll love her. They'll spoil her. They'll take care of her. They'll be tired in the morning, but it will be a night of fun memories for my little girl.

Thank you for being such great grandparents mom and dad. My kids are so blessed to have you.

Oh, and I hope you can get some shuteye with my little night owl running around the house like a crazy monkey.

As for me, perhaps I'll turn in early. Or watch a movie. But on my way to my room, I'll glance to the side and see a little pink bed, with someone missing.

**update on this post**

About 10 minutes after I published this post my mom called me and said that Abby wanted to come home. After my mom coaxed her for 25 minutes with no avail, I jumped in my car and drove to Redlands to get my girl. We were home before midnight and I placed my girl in her own bed. She told me that she'd try again "when she's four because she missed Logan." cute.


It's always something

Like a car needing new brakes.


Waiting on hold for 45 minutes while funneling my kids Popsicles so they'll allow me to listen to the hold music because what if, what if that operator picks up! I can't be distracted. I must be focused! Then that magical moment occurs, "how may I help" you she says, and just as I begin to talk I hear a click. What!! What!!!?? You've got to be kidding!!! THe connection was lost. I must start over.


Getting a ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving. $150 mind you! That's one expensive phone call.


Dropping my laptop and cracking the screen. Yep, that's $400ish to repair. fun.


changing a poopy diaper and getting poop all over me because my son cannot seem to calm his wiggly body long enough for me to clean his buns.


dropping an open container of applesauce and having it bounce up and spray the entire kitchen


having both my kids wake up at 5:45 this morning.


dropping a glass and having is explore little shards of glass everywhere, while two little children run around it saying "oh mama, what happened?"


having The Mr. call and say, "I got pulled over on my way to work today. Apparently our tags are expired...by 8 months!" This can't be. How can this be?! So, another perfectly good morning disturbed by life's "somethings." Now, I have to back up the kids and go to the DMV. TO wait in line. For nearly two hours. To pay the DMV $179 for a little blue sticker.

Like I always say, "it's always something!!"

Here's to a hopeful something-free day.


Allergic Reaction or Idoit Mother?

Yesterday we went to Disneyland with the kids. It was busy. It was HOT! I overdressed my kids like a crazy person, so we stripped Logan down to his onesie and had to buy Abby a dress because for some reason I only brought pants. Anyhow, each time we go to Disneyland with the kids we are immediately reminded how un-relaxing a theme park is with a three and one year old. Actually, Abigail does great it's Logan who is the handful (shocker)! :)

The little boy doesn't understand the concept of a line. SO he kicks, screams, wiggles, and is generally pretty irritated by the time we actually make it to the ride. He also does not understand that he needs to stay with mommy and daddy or he has to be strapped into the stroller. Being strapped into anything is just not Logan's thing. So, the day involved a whole lots of "Logan stay with mommy!" "Logan come here" "No Logan" etc.

Another strange thing about my son is that he'll go to anyone. At one point during the day we stopped to sit over at California Adventure. John and Abby enjoyed a shady table, and I let Logan free--and walked closely behind him while he explored. I learned that my boy is a flirt. He would walk up to a person and bat his eyelashes and then lay down on the ground and look up at the person with a big grin. Too funny to watch! At one point he walked up to a couple who were sitting on a bench, he waked straight to the man and started to climb up the man's backpack in an effort to get on the strange man's lap!! The couple were just cracking up and this brave little boy of mine. I grabbed Logan before he could steal the man's straw (which is what I think he was going for) and apologized.

Disneyland with children is a MUCH different experience than Disneyland with gown ups. We were there for about 6 hours and we went on five rides. Logan and I sat out on most of the rides, so it was a day for Abby and her Daddy--fitting for Father's Day.

At one point during the day we were sitting at a table and I looked down and Logan and he appeared to be really sunburned on his head and arms. I freaked out! If you know me, than you know that I'm a bit overboard for sunscreen...I always have a bottle in my bag. He poor little head looked fried! I quickly got out my sun screen and began to dump it on his head...you see it was his scalp that looked bad. So I had to drench his hair in order to get to his scalp. By the end he looked greasy, but by golly his little head was protected!

Fast forward about an hour and this is where the scary part begins. Now Logan is sick with a cold, but he's such a trooper that we decided to go to Disneyland anyhow. But, all of a sudden I look at Logan and his eyes are red and purple and he's having a hard time keeping them open, he has begun to break out in a rash, he's screaming and really fussy and won't calm down. John and I decide it's time to go. On the way back to the car--a LONG walk--Logan looks as if he's going to pass out and his poor eyes look awful!!! I was really freaking out!! I almost pushed the "emergency" button in the parking garage so that the security people could call 911! (seems a little crazy now) I was praying fervent prayers over my son as we made our way to the car. I thought he was having an allergic reaction to the medicine I had given him an hour prior. We decided to continue the drive home. THe whole time I sat backwards keeping an eye on our little man, making sure that his chest was moving with the rhythm of breathing. We made it home and I took Logan into the shower. I thought it would make him feel better and clean off all the Disneyland sticky-ness.

OH my gosh! The boy had sooooo much sunscreen in his hair that I had to wash his head 3 times with shampoo to get it all out! IT was then that I realized the my poor baby had sunscreen in his eyes which is why he had purple eyes and was screaming with pain!!! Like duh!!! After the shower Logan's mysterious allergic reaction was gone, and our rambunctious guy was back. And I was thankful.

Oh, and he was never sunburned...we were just sitting under a red umbrella so it made everything look sunburned!


Today's Checklist

Wake up early with early bird Logan


Feed children breakfast while watching Curious George


Shower with the two crazies


Manage to dress two children and myself


Impress myself that I actually curled my hair and put on makeup


Load children in car and run a few errands


Go to park to let the crazies run free


Accelerate into a full sprint to catch up with Logan who was headed towards the oncoming traffic


Try and explain that cars can hurt to my son while he laughs at me


Cheer for my brave daughter who went down the really tall twisty tunnel slide on her stomach--backwards!


Load sweaty children back into car and proceed home


Lunch for kids...well Abby wouldn't eat, so lunch for one kid


Nap for one kid


Babysit three boys, which made grand total of children FIVE ages 7 to 9 months


Run around like a crazy person to ensure the crawler is okay, the toddler is not eating dirt, the preschoolers are not bringing mud into house, and gradeschooler is not watching HBO.


Make spaghetti for five kids, while holding a baby on my hip


Send off three of the five with their mommy


throw my mud encrusted-sticky popsicle hands-spaghetti sauced faced children into bath


Welcome the hubby home


Make salmon and mashed potatoes for me and my hubby


Clean kitchen


Take out trash


Wash floors


Fold laundry


put laundry away


change sheets


pick up toys


sit down with a cold beer?

well why not....check

You lookin' at me?


Toilet Treasures

Fool me once, shame on you.Fool me twice, shame on me!


My main characters

The insightful intellect, who is tenderhearted and devoted (not to mention hot) The compassionate communicator, who is gentle and kind The active adventurer, who is joyful and daring
I am one lucky girl.


Aww Crap!

Quick post...

I broke my laptop.

Total bummer!

Need to jump into shower before the kids find me.