Do you smell poop?

This morning the kids, John and I were having a leisurely morning at home. We had on some good music (Paul Simon), and the kids were dancing. Every now and again I'd say, "do you smell poop?" I'd look in Logan's diaper--no poop. Strange. Oh, well, I must be imagining it. A few minutes later John would say, "I really think it smells like poop." I'd say, "I know but I've checked and no one has poop." Five minutes later, I see a small something clinched in Logan's hand--it looked like a chocolate covered raisin.....

...it was not a chocolate covered raisin.

I laughed so hard, while John was gagging.

Just another poop filled morning with our kids.


  1. Dad and I were just cracking up!! He is so funny. He loves to pick things up and then hang onto them in his little hands.
    Love you Mom

  2. ha ha... so funny and so gross. We've had those moments too! I am always so shocked.