Incomplete--well almost

Tonight the house is quiet.
Tonight there is nobody asking me for a snack.
Tonight there is no chocolate milk being mixed.
Tonight there is no night time books being read.
Tonight there is no bedtime rituals being played out.
Tonight there is no little girl taking care of her babies.
Tonight there is no "good night mama. I love you"
Tonight someone is missing.
Tonight is my little Abby's first sleep over at Nana and Papa's house.
Tonight is a big night!
Tonight is the first night that I've been away from my girl. (excluding Logan's birth)
I must admit, I cried when my girl drove away with her Nana.


I know that Abby is having so much fun over at my parents house. They'll love her. They'll spoil her. They'll take care of her. They'll be tired in the morning, but it will be a night of fun memories for my little girl.

Thank you for being such great grandparents mom and dad. My kids are so blessed to have you.

Oh, and I hope you can get some shuteye with my little night owl running around the house like a crazy monkey.

As for me, perhaps I'll turn in early. Or watch a movie. But on my way to my room, I'll glance to the side and see a little pink bed, with someone missing.

**update on this post**

About 10 minutes after I published this post my mom called me and said that Abby wanted to come home. After my mom coaxed her for 25 minutes with no avail, I jumped in my car and drove to Redlands to get my girl. We were home before midnight and I placed my girl in her own bed. She told me that she'd try again "when she's four because she missed Logan." cute.


  1. Sorry! I tried. I was so excited to have my Abby here at our house. We were going to have so much fun. She was so cute and saying the cutest things. On the ride home she was talking away like such a big girl. She was so excited to come to our house and then she said" I love you so much Na Na"! It was so adorable and I wanted to stop the car and squeeze her so tight! The night was going well with the snacks and a movie and then she turned on a dime and wanted to go home to Mommy and her bed. No matter how much I bribed her she looked at me like why did you bring me here? I want to be home. She looked so sad and scared that I decided to call her Mommy. Well, maybe next time! I love you Abby! You are a big girl.
    Love Na Na

  2. so cute. It is fun that she said she missed logan! So cute.