It's always something

Like a car needing new brakes.


Waiting on hold for 45 minutes while funneling my kids Popsicles so they'll allow me to listen to the hold music because what if, what if that operator picks up! I can't be distracted. I must be focused! Then that magical moment occurs, "how may I help" you she says, and just as I begin to talk I hear a click. What!! What!!!?? You've got to be kidding!!! THe connection was lost. I must start over.


Getting a ticket for talking on my cell phone while driving. $150 mind you! That's one expensive phone call.


Dropping my laptop and cracking the screen. Yep, that's $400ish to repair. fun.


changing a poopy diaper and getting poop all over me because my son cannot seem to calm his wiggly body long enough for me to clean his buns.


dropping an open container of applesauce and having it bounce up and spray the entire kitchen


having both my kids wake up at 5:45 this morning.


dropping a glass and having is explore little shards of glass everywhere, while two little children run around it saying "oh mama, what happened?"


having The Mr. call and say, "I got pulled over on my way to work today. Apparently our tags are expired...by 8 months!" This can't be. How can this be?! So, another perfectly good morning disturbed by life's "somethings." Now, I have to back up the kids and go to the DMV. TO wait in line. For nearly two hours. To pay the DMV $179 for a little blue sticker.

Like I always say, "it's always something!!"

Here's to a hopeful something-free day.

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Tundra Mom said...

oh, i know... Crazy life. Hang in there.

Love you tons and buckets....wish i was there to help each other with the somethings.

now to make my DIRTY kids a bath... a little something!

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