3 year old's say the darnest things...

  • Me and the kids were at Target. I was heading to the dressing room to try on a bathing suit. When the Target employee was leading me into my changing stall (of the very busy dressing room) Abby looked up and yelled, "mama, you're going to take all your clothes off, huh?!" She repeated shouting that during the whole process.
  • We were in the store, in another dressing room and Abby was shouting, "Lucifer, you're naughty!!" (Lucifer is the cat's name in Cinderella. He's a naughty cat).
  • One night Abby, Logan and I were playing outside and Logan was making us laugh. I said, "what would we ever do without Logan?" Abby said, "I'd just get another brother from the store." I said, "what store?" She said, "Jesus' store. And my new brother would be little with a pink head."
  • When I found Abby crushing a bunch of rolly pollies I asked her what she was doing. She said, "I'm making them sticky and now they can't walk."
  • One night while putting Abby to bed she informed me that angles do not have wings, Jesus is nice, and GOd lives in the vents of our house.
  • One day when I told Abby to not pick my flowers out of the flower pot she said, "dont' worry Mom, I'm responsible"


  1. that is hilarious... I am SERIOUSLY laughing out loud, with tears in my eyes.

    We'd just get another brother from the store... classic!

    Great post!

  2. I'm laughing too! Kids do say the cutest things. I'm glad you wrote them down. :)
    Love you!