Abigail is a little mommy. She is very into babies and carries them with her wherever she goes. She feeds them, puts them down for naps, takes them on walks, etc. It is very cute to watch. There are three babies that have the spotlight. Here they are:

Introducing "Sweetie Bell"
Introducing "Cher-a-lee"
The number one spot in Abby's heart is her dog "Bolt." Abby is never without Bolt. Yesterday was the 4th of July, Abby swam with bolt, ate hotdogs with Bolt, made me put sunscreen on Bolt, watched fireworks with Bolt (she put Bolt up on her shoulders, just like John did with her). I had a moment where I didn't know where Bolt was and I nearly went into a panic. Abby loves her dog and honestly he is always with her. Always. Baths, shower, sleeping, eating, playing, drawing, watching TV....you get the picture.

Introducing "Bolt"


  1. THat is so cute... does Bolt go into the water?

  2. oh yes--in fact, he just got out of the shower. He is deteriorating fast...I'm worried! :)

  3. oh, no... can you stock up on replacement bolts? Maybe a plastic one for the bath? Maybe you could put him in a "raincoat" ziplock bag in the bath/shower/pool!

    Love you,