Insult Confusion

Today I went to the mall. (gag, I hate the mall). I was in the elevator with Abby and Logan and the woman in there with me looked that the kids and then said "how old are they?" I said, "3 and 18 months." She looked at me disapproving and said, "and you look so young!" Somewhat flattered (which I doubt was her intent) I said, "oh, well I'm 31." She looked surprised and then counted on her fingers by decades--"31, 41, 51." And then she said with some disgust in her voice, "well you'll be near 50 when they graduate from college!!!"

I left that elevator ride somewhat confused. Should I be insulted that she thought I was too young to have two kids, or should I be insulted that she treated me like some old decrepit mother that is way to old to have such young children.

Shessh! Good day to you to lady!

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  1. What a strange wierd lady! People can say the rudest things.