Penny for your thoughts....or stomach

Abby swallowed a penny this morning.

Yep, right down the hatch.

I heard it.

And then I saw the fear in her eyes.

And then I held her while she cried.

One of those mommy moments when you feel a bit unqualified. At first I thought--well if she's not choking then all is well. But then I did what every good mother does. I googled it.

Did you know that pennys after 1982 have a high amount of zinc? Did you know this can cause a problem? Did you know that any other coin is really not a big deal, but a penny could be a problem.

Great. Why couldn't she have swallowed a nickle.

So, I made a call to the doctor's office. They put me on hold while they called poison control. Geez!

So off to the doctors my little girl and her penny went.

To get xrays.

With daddy.

When she came home she said that she was "really brave" and saw a "picture of her tummy" and a penny in that little tummy.

But, they were not concerned. I just have to confirm that it exits her body in the next few days. oh, the joys of motherhood.

The bummer of this event is that Abby ate her penny on the morning that Daddy was going to take her to the circus. So, instead of clowns, elephants and cotton candy it was a morning of xrays, co-pays, and waiting rooms.

At least our girl is okay, right? :)

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