Stolen Brillance

My sister is the best bargain shopper. She gets groceries at a great price, knows all the stores to go to and saves a bundle in the process. I have always admired her in that she always seems to find the best 99cents stores near her home. (not in Mongolia of course).
Well today I found a 99cents store pretty close to our house. I never even noticed it before. So me and the kids ventured in and it was AWESOME! They had an entire produce section with really great produce and brand name yogurt/milk/etc. I bought the following for 35 bucks:
  • pears
  • plums
  • watermelon
  • cantaloupe
  • tangerines
  • asparagus
  • bag of salad
  • three bags of chips
  • bag of cookies
  • paper towels
  • toilet paper
  • cleaning products
  • 10 toys items for my niece and nephew
  • gum
  • two loaves of bread
  • school things for Weston
  • two boxed of Dora yogurt
That's all that I can remember....but WOW!!!! At this rate my grocery bill will go from $500-ish per month to $300-ish!!! How exciting!

So cool!!!!

Oh, and a special little bargian story for my sister--who always appreciates a steal of a deal:

Becca--if the time change situation didn't suck, I would have called you the other day to inform you that I got a great deal at Fresh N Easy. I had a big cart of groceries and I scanned every item and as I was going to pay the machine froze up and broke. great! So, the employee guy had to rescan all my groceries and rebag them. So I asked if I could get a coupon since I was being such a good sport (no shame!), and he took $18 dollars off my total bill. SCORE! I would have called you, but you were asleep in bed. :)

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  1. WOW!!! You are stoked... nothing like a deal! That is awesome about fresh and easy... they are a great company.

    I truly miss my 99 cent store. I was wishing to pop in up there on 2nd st. BUt my zak outdoor market will have to do!

    Love you!