Toys, Toiletries & Tomatoes

Logan is a very determined little boy. Once he puts his mind to something it is nearly impossible to deter him. This is a great quality, but can be very frustrating as well! Lately Logan has three obsessions:

Toy cars
He plays with them all day and prefers to roll each of them under every dresser, TV stand, and table in the house. Then he likes to crouch down and scream at his unattainable cars. He will continue to yell until mommy or daddy retrieves his cars, at which point he rolls them back under the dresser. fun.

I have no idea why, but my son is obsessed with deodorant. He cannot seem to keep away from the drawer in our bathroom that houses the deodorant. He knows that it is a no-no and I think that is what makes them so irrestiable.
I love home grown tomatoes. There is nothing like them. Once you've had the real homegrown kind the store bought version are pretty despicable. I have always wanted to have some tomato plants of my own, and finally this year we have a place to plant, so by golly I planted me some tomatoes. :)
My tomoto plants are flurrishing, but Logan cannot resist!! Although my plants are doing well, the tomtoes are always plucked from their branch whilst still green! This little boy is to blame. It really ticks me off, and even though I slap his little hands and sit there and tell him no I will always find green tomotes clutched in his hands if I look away for even just a minute. Little stinker!!

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