Bible story

Today as Abigail and I were driving home from church I asked her, "what did you learn in your class this morning?"

She answered, "I learned about kids who do not have thumbs or ears."

OH MAN! I had to try sooo hard not to laugh! What in the world was this kid talking about?!

I asked, "why did they not have thumbs and ears?"

She said, "because they had white spots all over them. It was scary."

I asked, "was Jesus in the story?"

She said, "yeah, and he fell down on the ground laughing."

Luckily Abby's teacher told me that they learned about leprosy. Apparently all of the kids put white stickers all over their hands, the stickers were supposed to represent leprosy. The teacher told me that Abby had a total melt down and had to have her stickers removed immediately.

I asked Abby, "did you have stickers on you?"

She said, "yes, it was scary."

I said, "why?"

She said, "it's called leprosy."
I think Abby thought that she was actually going to get leprosy and possibly lose her thumbs and ears in church.

I think the Jesus laughing part was when the man with leprosy was healed he was so happy...which must mean laughing in Abby's mind.

This has become one of my favorite parts about Sunday mornings...listening to Abby tell us about a bible story in her own little 3 year old way.

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