Horsey Hair

This morning I had a meeting at work. THe kids join me down at the office and they have a nice girl who plays with them while I go to the meeting. Anyhow, I'm just about ready to grab my keys and head to the car when I hear:

"I am a pony. I have pretty hair. I don't want tangles in my hair, so I put lots of lotion on my head."

When you are a mother there are certain things that will grab your attention. An example, "...so I put lots of lotion on my head."

So, I peek around the corner and find my little pony girl in the middle of the living room with a bottle of shampoo. She is lathering up her head.


I have to be at a meeting in like 7 minutes, and here's Abby caring for her horsey hair.

Needless to say, we were late to the meeting, Abby was very angry that I had to wash out all of her "pony lotion" and we arrived at the office with a stressed out mother and an angry 3 year old.

On the drive home from the meeting Abby was telling me how important it is to keep her pony hair tangle free.

I completely agreed.

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  1. oh my goodness, she is so cute. Don't forget, "pony hair has to be tangle free." ha ha!