Jesus & Xrays

Tonight Abigail was sitting on the couch and she looked up at John and said, "daddy, I didn't see Jesus in my heart when the penny was in my tummy." It took me a moment to understand what she was trying to communicate, but then it hit me...and it's one of the sweetest things that she has ever said.

As you may recall, Abigail ate a penny a few weeks ago. She had to go to the doctor and get x-rays of her tummy to ensure that the penny was on its way out. She was very intrigued with the "pictures" of her tummy (x-rays). Abby has also been very curious about Jesus. She always asks me what Jesus looks like, why we can't see him, and how does he live in her heart. She wants to know what color his hair is, how tall he is, and why she cannot see him. I love that she's thinking about these things, and it is incredible that at 3 years of age these questions are already present.

Back to Abby's question; she wanted us to explain to her why she could not see Jesus in the x-ray. If he was in her heart, why couldn't she see him in the picture.

Smart, huh?

I explained that Jesus is everywhere and he is as big as the sky, and even though we cannot see him he is always with us. I told her that we can pray to God that He would allow Abby to see Jesus. I mean, why not? He is as big as the sky, and I'm sure he's willing to revel himself to the heart of a curious and precious three year old.

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  1. That is amazing. What a thinker you have. That is really cool. Isn't it funny that she asks a couple weeks later? Showing she's been thinking about it!