The last 8 hours....

12:30am just getting into my lovely good deep sleep
crying baby
crying little girl
screaming baby
screaming little girl
I sleepily walk to each child's room

Logan is wailing
He is covered in pee
yet his diaper is dry
a mystery for sure!

Abby is yelling
Logan has awaken her
"go back to sleep" i say
"but my clothes are wet" she says
more pee
again a mystery
to much pee to just change the sheets
Little girl joins daddy in our bed
(a soundly sleeping, snoring daddy! sheesh!)

Logan is still screaming
like he will perish if I don't return
I get a bottle
go in
until little boy eyelids look heavy

Return to my elusive bed
Push the 3 year old over to the middle
I secure about 7 inches of bed for myself
It's nearly 1:30am
good night

a thrashing 3 year old in bed with me
thrashing all night
perhaps she has some type of disorder?
A kick and spin all night in her sleep type of disorder?

Mommy is awake
Daddy is snoring

I forgot to close the verticals
the room is very bright with morning sun
which wakes up the little girl
she jumps on my back
she wants chocolate milk

drag my feet to the ground
bouncing 3 year old is already hyper for the day
I hear the little boy
he is awake
I drag my feet into his room

there is my child
my beautiful bouncing baby boy
with his hands covered in poop
poop all over his sheets
and big proud smile on his face

my three year old is behind me
she is yelling for her chocolate milk
poop and chocolate milk
Happy Saturday

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  1. Oh my, May the Lord have mercy on your day! I HATE nights like that, and mornings like that, but together oh the misery. It's too late now, but you deserve a pedicure or manicure or at least a trip to Starbucks with a magazine- aLONE!!

    Love you!