Logan: Weird Fact

Weird Fact:

Logan pulls his eyelids really hard to sooth himself. Like he pulls the eyelid skin off of his eyeball and releases it hard so that it smacks down on his eye. And this soothes him. Sometimes in the morning his eyelids are really red. I guess that means he had a rough night and his poor eyelids had to pay the price.

Another strange thing--if he is giving his eyelids are rest, he'll consistently pinch and pluck his neck skin. Just another way that he soothes himself. Whenever Logan is upset or mad, he'll begin plucking skin.


Really really odd.

Just another afternoon with my chicks

Play at the park: check
Run in the grass: check
Run some errands: check
Get some Chickfila: check
Watch Logan dip his fingers in ranch dressing: check (gross)
Read books: check
Play with ponies: check, check, chek

Hmmm...what to do now?

Underwear hats! Sock gloves! Of course!

Fast Forward 5 minutes.

Abby's yelling at me-naughty
Logan is dipping his sock gloves in the toilet
I remove the toilet gloves
Logan finds the paddle and is trying to give Abby a spanking
Mommy announces that it is QUIET TIME and puts her chicks in their beds.


Heaven at the dinner table

Abby: "mama, I don't think we're in California right now."
Mama: "okay. Were are we?"
Abby: "heaven"
Mama: "oh, why are we in heaven?"
Abby: "because we are next to Jesus."
Logan: "uubbggababadyata"


The birds and the bees

My sister-in-law is pregnant.

About two months along.

Abigail is very aware of this news.

Today when Abby and I were eating lunch Abigail was talking about how the food goes into her tummy. Then she paused, and looked worried and said, "mama, I don't want Megan to eat and put food on her baby's head." ha! Abby thinks that when Megan eats the food falls on the baby's head. I assured her that everything was okay and that the baby was protected. She then asked, "how will the baby come out?" I broke into a cold sweat! I hadn't expected this question. The little girl could not be deterred! She asked again and again. I said, "all mommy's have a special place near their bottoms where babies can come out." she looked HORRIFIED! She said, "like poo-poo?" I said, "kind of." Long story short....we discussed the anatomy of a woman and I think she was satisfied with my answers.....for now.

Thanks baby Jenkins for ushering in the beginning of the birds and the bees discussions here in the Attwood home. I'm sure Abby will have more questions as Aunt Megan's tummy grows.


Marshmallow Boy

Logan has discovered the fun of cooking with me and Abigail. He has also discovered the joy of marshmallow cream.


Worm Deceased

This morning the kids and I were playing outside. Abigail found a worm. She picked it up in her hand, held it up to the sky and shouted, "birds! birds, I have a worm for you!!"

Then she inspected the worm closer. Realized it was dead and said, "mama, this worm is dead!"

I said, "did the worm go to heaven?" (I was curious if she connected death with heaven)

She looked at the worm, looked at me, and said, "um. no. I think he's in California."


Indian Summer

It is definitely a Californian Indian Summer. We're concluding September and the sun is still shinning bright and hot. Triple digits hot. Like really really hot. Last night I made hot dogs and pasta salad. The kids and I ate outside on a blanket. Hide-n-seek, water fights, and playing in the mud.

Then the sun set. aaahhhh! The best part about hot summer days are the warm summer nights.


To God, From a Tired Mom

My little girl is a keeper
I know she's meant for me.
But my little girl is a weeper
She brings me to my knees.

Tonight I've tossed in the towel
I understand her not
She cries and screams, kicks and yells,
My nerves are completely shot.

"I need a hug!!" she yells at me
When she's screaming in my face.
"A hug," I think to myself,
I haven't got the grace.

Her face is red, her tears are flowing
She does this morning to night.
I know it's because she is growing,
it can be a scary flight.

My little girl is learning to fly,
To jump out of the nest.
This scares my girl, she knows not why,
She comes to me for rest.

God grant me the strength to hold my girl
Amidst her naughtiness.
To wrap my arms around her curls,
Even when she does regress.

Show me how to hold my tongue
When I'm angry at her fits
Teach my heart to love my young,
During the battle of our wits.

I want to be a patient mom,
I need your help each day.
I bow my head, hold up my palms,
Hear these words I pray.

-written by Shauna, a tired mother of an emotional little girl whom I adore.

Abby's Art

This is Abigail's first drawing of our family. Pretty adorable, right? I think it's pretty darn good for only being three years old.


sister & brother

It is my prayer that these two remain close as they grow up.


Meet Logan, Master Manipulator

Hi, I'm Logan
Today I was getting my mommy's attention by eating Playdough
Everytime she looked over at me I would pretend to shove some in my mouth. I know that it is a no-no, but her reactions is so funny.
When she runs over to tell me no, I act really cute. I smile at her like this. It works everytime.
If I'm really naughty, I flash her a big toothy grin.
Arn't I cute? I use this to my advantage.
Gotta go. I'm very busy...I must go climb on the table, or eat dirt, or find a pair of sissors, or unload the pantry, or throw my food, or take off my diaper...I have a very busy schedule.


Creating Tradition

I think it is so important to create special traditions with my husband and our kids. I have been thinking on the topic over the last few years. I've been sticking post-it notes in my brain cataloging different ideas for traditions. Here are a few of my mental post-it notes. Mostly these come from other people whom I've meet, or from reading various articles, or movies.

  • Birthdays. In the movie Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood (great flick by the way!), there is a part where the main character recalls a special tradition that her mother created. Every year on her birthday her mother would bake a cake, but it wasn't the cake that everyone got to see and eat. It was a special cake that her mother made during the day, a cake enjoyed only by her and her mother. Like a secret birthday tradition that only the two of them knew about.
  • Prayer Balloons. I read a very cool blog which is written by a woman who has the gift of motherhood. Everything she does is beautiful--beautiful table decor, beautiful food, beautiful traditions. One tradition I think is touching, is that on special occasions she and her family each get a balloon, they tie a bunch of prayers to their own balloons. They share their prayers/desires and then they let the balloons go and watch them fly into the heavens. (so to speak)
  • Back to School Dinner. Same blog as I mentioned above. This woman does a back to school dinner for her kids each year and it is so beautiful. Check it out for yourself by clicking here. I'm sure I'll never be that clever...but what a great way to honor your children's school year. I love the idea of a theme, a beautiful and special table, and I love the crowns that she made her daughters. it is all beautiful.
  • Thanksgiving Tree: Start on Nov. 1st. Trace child's hands on fall colored paper, and cut out the hand print. Write something that your child is thankful for on the handprint. Begin making a thanksgiving tree--do a hand (0r two) each day until thanksgiving. Then on Thanksgiving you can read aloud all of the things your children are grateful for. Another cool thought is to write them all down and save them in a scrapbook/blog/etc. How fun to look back over the years and see all the blessings. Here's an example:

Fun, huh? What are some of your traditions?


Early Morning Tinkerbell

This morning at around 5am Abigail started yelling "mommy!!"

I get up and go to her room.

She is in her bed with a flashlight.

I ask, "what are you doing?"

She says, "I'm Tinkerbell."

Our little Tink woke up Logan with all her Peter Pan ruckus.

Mommy's tired today.

No more flashlights for Abby.



A strange thing happened to Abigail this summer.

She turned into a little girl.

She giggles at jokes, tells me stories, sings songs, asks deep questions, wants to pray for people, has an opinion on everything, asks 900 questions a day, and has learned how to be confident while away from me.

This morning my little girl went to her first day of preschool. She did awesome!! No tears when I left. She actually didn't even really look up when I told her I was leaving. When I came to get her she was running around playing, saw me, paused, looked, and continued on playing. She didn't want to leave! What a blessing!!

Getting ready to walk to her class

Abby in her classroom

She loved the playground and said that was her favorite part of the day. When I asked her if she learned anything, she said "no, we didn't do any learning today."

Jared and Abby are in the same class. Can you tell they are buds!

This is what Abby was d0ing when I left. Playing in the sand with some girls. The teacher told me that Abby played with two little girls for most of the day. I am happy that she has the opportunity to make some little friends.


Football Wife

College football starts this Saturday. Am I happy? Hmmmm....it is fun to watch the games and have a family type thing to do, but I sort of lose my husband for the Fall. I believe there is a term for it...football widow.

John is so very proud that his children are already OU fans. THis is a video of Logan listening to the OU fight song. cute? yes. creepy that my son already knows the OU fight song? a little.

Abby is begging for an OU chearleading outfit.


Smokey Skies

As is customary for Southern California's end of summer--there are a ton of wildfires burning all over the place. This is the view of the sun and sky from our backyard. It is so very smokey and ashy outside that I must keep the kids indoors.
scary. sad. yuck.