The birds and the bees

My sister-in-law is pregnant.

About two months along.

Abigail is very aware of this news.

Today when Abby and I were eating lunch Abigail was talking about how the food goes into her tummy. Then she paused, and looked worried and said, "mama, I don't want Megan to eat and put food on her baby's head." ha! Abby thinks that when Megan eats the food falls on the baby's head. I assured her that everything was okay and that the baby was protected. She then asked, "how will the baby come out?" I broke into a cold sweat! I hadn't expected this question. The little girl could not be deterred! She asked again and again. I said, "all mommy's have a special place near their bottoms where babies can come out." she looked HORRIFIED! She said, "like poo-poo?" I said, "kind of." Long story short....we discussed the anatomy of a woman and I think she was satisfied with my answers.....for now.

Thanks baby Jenkins for ushering in the beginning of the birds and the bees discussions here in the Attwood home. I'm sure Abby will have more questions as Aunt Megan's tummy grows.

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  1. I was laughing so hard!! This is such a funny story. My little Abby, so innocent and I could just imagine what she was thinking. Too funny!!!!