Creating Tradition

I think it is so important to create special traditions with my husband and our kids. I have been thinking on the topic over the last few years. I've been sticking post-it notes in my brain cataloging different ideas for traditions. Here are a few of my mental post-it notes. Mostly these come from other people whom I've meet, or from reading various articles, or movies.

  • Birthdays. In the movie Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood (great flick by the way!), there is a part where the main character recalls a special tradition that her mother created. Every year on her birthday her mother would bake a cake, but it wasn't the cake that everyone got to see and eat. It was a special cake that her mother made during the day, a cake enjoyed only by her and her mother. Like a secret birthday tradition that only the two of them knew about.
  • Prayer Balloons. I read a very cool blog which is written by a woman who has the gift of motherhood. Everything she does is beautiful--beautiful table decor, beautiful food, beautiful traditions. One tradition I think is touching, is that on special occasions she and her family each get a balloon, they tie a bunch of prayers to their own balloons. They share their prayers/desires and then they let the balloons go and watch them fly into the heavens. (so to speak)
  • Back to School Dinner. Same blog as I mentioned above. This woman does a back to school dinner for her kids each year and it is so beautiful. Check it out for yourself by clicking here. I'm sure I'll never be that clever...but what a great way to honor your children's school year. I love the idea of a theme, a beautiful and special table, and I love the crowns that she made her daughters. it is all beautiful.
  • Thanksgiving Tree: Start on Nov. 1st. Trace child's hands on fall colored paper, and cut out the hand print. Write something that your child is thankful for on the handprint. Begin making a thanksgiving tree--do a hand (0r two) each day until thanksgiving. Then on Thanksgiving you can read aloud all of the things your children are grateful for. Another cool thought is to write them all down and save them in a scrapbook/blog/etc. How fun to look back over the years and see all the blessings. Here's an example:

Fun, huh? What are some of your traditions?


  1. I love all the ideas. I guess I failed for traditions with you and Becca. The only silly one was every Christmas Eve you could open a present and I always got you new PJ's. After reading all the wonderful ideas I wasn't too creative. But I hope you start all these and more. How fun. xoxoxox

  2. you made great traditions mom! Here are some that I recall:

    -decorating the tree was a big deal. We would all be home, we would have hot chocolate and decorate the whole house while listening to Christmas music.
    --Thanksgiving--mashed potatoes...I can smell the butter/milk/potatoes/seasoning salt...and I can hear yoru mixer going...then I got a big spoonful just to make sure it was just right.
    --back to school shopping..you'd take me and becca and let us have a whole day with you and our new fashions. :)

    don't even get me started on vacations... :)

  3. Thanks sweetheart, I feel redeemed as a Mom. I forgot about all the traditions but I'm so happy you helped me to remember.
    I love you!