Just another afternoon with my chicks

Play at the park: check
Run in the grass: check
Run some errands: check
Get some Chickfila: check
Watch Logan dip his fingers in ranch dressing: check (gross)
Read books: check
Play with ponies: check, check, chek

Hmmm...what to do now?

Underwear hats! Sock gloves! Of course!

Fast Forward 5 minutes.

Abby's yelling at me-naughty
Logan is dipping his sock gloves in the toilet
I remove the toilet gloves
Logan finds the paddle and is trying to give Abby a spanking
Mommy announces that it is QUIET TIME and puts her chicks in their beds.


Tundra Mom said...

They are seriously adorable!

Laureen said...

Too cute! What kids find fun is funny. :)

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