Meet Logan, Master Manipulator

Hi, I'm Logan
Today I was getting my mommy's attention by eating Playdough
Everytime she looked over at me I would pretend to shove some in my mouth. I know that it is a no-no, but her reactions is so funny.
When she runs over to tell me no, I act really cute. I smile at her like this. It works everytime.
If I'm really naughty, I flash her a big toothy grin.
Arn't I cute? I use this to my advantage.
Gotta go. I'm very busy...I must go climb on the table, or eat dirt, or find a pair of sissors, or unload the pantry, or throw my food, or take off my diaper...I have a very busy schedule.


Karen said...

ever, not every...oops

Karen said...

He is sooooo cute!!! Let's try to get together if I can every get rid of this nasty flu...

Laureen said...

He is a ham. He works the audience. I love him so much! What a little character he is and I wonder what he will be in school!! :)
Beautiful boy!
Love MOM

Tundra Mom said...

he is adorable!!!! I love you Logan!

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