To God, From a Tired Mom

My little girl is a keeper
I know she's meant for me.
But my little girl is a weeper
She brings me to my knees.

Tonight I've tossed in the towel
I understand her not
She cries and screams, kicks and yells,
My nerves are completely shot.

"I need a hug!!" she yells at me
When she's screaming in my face.
"A hug," I think to myself,
I haven't got the grace.

Her face is red, her tears are flowing
She does this morning to night.
I know it's because she is growing,
it can be a scary flight.

My little girl is learning to fly,
To jump out of the nest.
This scares my girl, she knows not why,
She comes to me for rest.

God grant me the strength to hold my girl
Amidst her naughtiness.
To wrap my arms around her curls,
Even when she does regress.

Show me how to hold my tongue
When I'm angry at her fits
Teach my heart to love my young,
During the battle of our wits.

I want to be a patient mom,
I need your help each day.
I bow my head, hold up my palms,
Hear these words I pray.

-written by Shauna, a tired mother of an emotional little girl whom I adore.


  1. Hang in there. It will pass. Good job loving her through it all! You can do it.

    I will be praying for you.
    Love you!

  2. Our children bring us to our knees. God gives us our children but shows us thousands of times that we cannot do it ourselves. Surrendering our children to our Heavenly Father daily, sometimes minute by minute. He hears our prayers and guides our weary hearts to His wisdom and grace.
    I love you and as your Mom hear your struggle and will pray for my little girl like I have done a million times.
    I love you! You are doing a great job, hang in there.
    Love you as big as everything xoxoxo