Happy Halloween

We had a low key Halloween. We ate some good chicken tortilla soup--even though it was 90+ today--and then we trick-or-treated our way around the neighborhood.
The kids looked cute.
Candy was gotten.
Abby was trilled that all you had to do was walk up to a house, stand there, and people piled candy into her bag. She keep yelling, "I love trick-or-treating!!"

ps--Becca, here's the tutu that I made for Abby--she was a pony ballerina. :)


a sicky family

We are going on week three of being sick. We've all got:

deep chest coughs
running noses
raw red noses

then just for fun...

Abby has a cold sore (I think? Still don't know for sure)
Abby has a canker sore
Logan has some diaper rash
Logan is teething
John got some dental work done, Novocaine anyone?

Anyone wanna come over and hang out with us?

No? I don't blame you!!

But, the good news--at least we can all suffer together--locked in our house--with our Kleenex and Motrin....smelling like Vicks.


Tag, you're sick

First it was Abby.
Chest cough
Runny nose
Sleepless nights.

Then it was me.

Now it is Logan & John.

I slept with Logan in a chair last night.
I am sore this morning.
Logan is snotty and grumpy...and won't eat much.

Abby asked, "why are you sick?"
I said, "because you gave me your germs."
She said, "noooo, it's my cough!!!"
Typical. Only a preschooler would be angry that the whole family took her cough! How very rude of us all.

Welcome cold season.

I hate you.

Cotton Candy Clouds

Yesterday the sunset was beautiful. The clouds were cotton candy pink.
The kids and I went outside and enjoyed the show.


Artist Girl

Abigail is ALWAYS painting or drawing or coloring or cutting or gluing. She loves to be creative! Here are some of her masterpieces!

a treasure map
A whale

A girl

A bird

Abby wrote her name in this one

The plane from Madagascar the movie

a buga self portrait--Abby with ladybug shoes and a red balloon


A Star is born...

Today was grandparents day at Abigail's preschool. All of the preschoolers got on stage to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." I thought that Abby might get stage fright and have a hard time singing to such a big crowd (100+), but she did great!! Here she is on stage--Jared her buddy is next to her and Emma her friend is in front of her. She sure made me proud!!


Just another day with my chicks

Today I.....
  • bought a fish for Abby
  • make Abby her Pony Ballerina Halloween costume
  • broke up 20+ fights between my chicks
  • retrieved a marble from the garbage disposal
  • caught Abby trying to stab Logan's arm with a plastic fork
  • caught Abby using her nails on Logan's face
  • caught Logan throwing all of Abby's play dough onto the floor
  • found Logan trying to shove books into the fishes bowl
  • picked up a trail of Cheerios
  • found Logan on the side yard trying to put a bag of black beans in the trash can. strange.
  • found Logan with Silly Putty--then scraped up tiny pieces of silly putty from the leather couch
  • Found Logan stuffed inside my laptop case
  • stopped Logan from jumping over a wall onto the sidewalk four feet below
  • said, "close the backdoor!!" about 37 times
  • removed a wooden spoon from Logan as he was hammering his own head with it
  • watched a Barbie movie (not a fan)
  • picked up Play Dough off the backyard patio
  • found my missing kitchen rug--it was outside, thanks Logan.
  • found the missing bathroom rug--it was semi-shoved under the couch--thanks Logan
  • said, "stop saying no to your brother" about 100+ times
It's only 4pm. I'm a bit tired. It's been a good day actually--no major meltdowns, no major problems, and in spite of my busy little chicks--I've actually accomplished quite a bit.


Bedtime Prayers

Tonight I was putting Abigail to bed. We were getting ready to say bedtime prayers and I asked her what she wanted to thank Jesus for. Here is her response, and I quote:
  • My brother Logan
  • flowers
  • the sun
  • my pony dolls
  • Emma, my friend from school
  • mommy
  • daddy
  • becca
  • my cousins
  • Casey, Megan's dog
  • Ms. Casey, my teacher
  • my dresses
  • my pictures
  • my books
  • the sky
  • nana
  • papa
  • grandma
  • megan
  • jared
  • flowers, oh I said that already
If only I remembered to thank Jesus for all my simple blessings. Funny how my kids can teach me how to pray.


My day

Here is what filled my day today

  • Making an apple pie with Abby. It's my first apple pie. It tastes good, but looks really gross.
  • Grocery shopping. This time I gave in and allowed the kids to sit in one of those truck cart things. It was not bad. In fact, they were so happy to be "driving" the cart that I got to shop in peace. But I still shopped fast, since a one and three year old do not allow for leisurely shopping.
  • I vacuumed. And then decided that I must rearrange my entire front room. So, as my children watched in amazement, I dragged couches, the TV, TV stand, furniture from Logan's room to the front room, only to realize that the TV didn't fit, so back to Logan's room it went. I had a big mess in my front room when my dad showed up at my door. YES! Just in time to help me strategies how to rearrange my space. We moved, pushed, pulled, disassembled, and dragged until we realized that there is only ONE possible way to arrange the furniture and had to move everything back to where it was before we started.
WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! Sorry for that one dad! :)
  • I made tacos, but my dad had to run to the store for half of the ingredients...like I said, grocery shopping with two kids is worthless at times. Sorry about that dad!
  • I am now sitting on the couch.
  • Kids are to my left and to my right with buckets of toys that they are loading and unloading.
  • My dad is nearly asleep on the couch.
  • John is watching the Dodgers.
  • It is a cool Fall night.


It's raining, it's pouring...

Winter arrived rapidly this year. The temperature went from 107 to 50 within a week and a half. I can't believe we were playing outside eating Popsicle two weeks ago. Ice cream season is over and Fall is here. It has been raining for the last two days, and i LOVE it!! The kids were pretty excited too.

Logan is such a boy--the first thing he did was grab rocks to throw in the puddle.

Abby was so excited to wear her rain boots, and the first thing she did was jump in a deep puddle and fill her boots with cold water....hmmm...kind of defeats the whole purpose!

Both the kids went right to the deep puddle and stood in it. Strange. Wet feet do not sound fun to me, but I guess kids think it is pretty great.


Motherhood Schizophrenia

Last night was a rough night. I slept in a twin bed, with my daughter, who was coughing all night ans asking if she could have some breakfast every 25 minutes. I did manage to catch a few zzz's, but woke up to a very sore shoulder and a headache. Nothing like waking up with a headache to start the morning off right.

My rough night was followed by a rough morning. Abby is coughing so hard that she's nearly throwing up--it sounds painful, you know, one of those deep chest coughs. So I get her medicine ready, walk into the room and let the battle begin. Somewhere between two and three-and-a-half, Abby has developed a hatred towards medicine. It is awful.

Picture me at 2am last night, hunched over Abby trying to give her medicine as she is screaming "NO!!" "I don't like that kind!!" This process, unfortunately, had to reoccur again this morning at 8am--the battle lasted for nearly 40 minutes, included a few paddles, and a long round of "stay in your room until you're ready to obey," and finally ended with Abby taking her medicine. It absolutely irritates me...seems like so much drama for one swallow of medicine.

Pause here...

I am NOT a graceful mother. I know some mothers who appear to have it all together, but I am not one of those moms. I get angry. I say things I should not. I pray to God out loud--which is not a bad thing, but when I talk to God I don't hold back...so sometimes I say things like, "I need patience now God because my daughter is driving me crazy and I cannot handle her!" Not a nice thing for a 3 year old to hear.

Logan and Abigail fight A LOT lately. It usually starts with Logan trying to do something, Abby yelling "NO" in his face, then Logan retaliating, then Abby yelling "NO" louder, than Logan or Abby throwing a punch, then both of them end up screaming and crying.

This process played out a few times this morning, and then I lost it. I mean can't I just pour a cup of coffee??!!

It was not even 9am and I was yelling (my worst fault of motherhood--I yell too much), Logan was in his crib screaming, and Abby was in the kitchen crying.

These types of mornings are difficult. They make me feel nuts. They make me feel like a failure. They make me want to get in my car and drive around all day--because they are happy in the car, and it's raining, and I love the rain, but I'm in the house with two yelling toddlers!

Fast forward 15 minutes.

Everyone is calm. All is well. Medicine has been taken. Apologies have been made. Hugs freely given. Logan keeps throwing his arms tightly around my neck, hugging me over and over. Abby is happily coloring in the kitchen. I am enjoying my lukewarm cup of coffee.

Motherhood is emotionally tiring. It can be daunting. The frustration coupled with the adoration. The funny moments followed by fights and tears. The quiet seconds quickly followed by the loud noises. Tenderness, anger, frustration, love, laughter, exhaustion, happiness, desire for solitude, eagerness to interact, button pushing, aggravation, joy, contentment, discontentment, kindness, selfishness....the list continues.


I hope that my kids will look back and remember mostly the good. I hope they'll remember these days at home as happy days. I hope they'll remember that their mother was a praying one....even if out loud in frustration.


Arrival of Fall

Autumn is here. Hot dog, that's exciting! I'm sure we'll have a few hot days sneak in, but overall it's nice outside, not hot and not cold, but just right. So, we welcomed Fall by doing our pumpkins. This year I thought I'd just let the kids paint the pumpkins...so much easier and nothing to clean up.
While they painted, I helped myself to a scone and some tea.
Welcome Fall.


Nightime Negotiations

Setting: a cool night, a quiet house...5 minutes after the children have been put to sleep.

Abby: Mom, mom, I need you...

(I walk to her room)

Me: Yes, Abby

Abby: I forgot something

Me: Yes, Abby

Abby: We forgot to wash my skin

Me: You didn't want a bath tonight. We'll do a bath in the morning.

Abby: I cannot sleep with skin that is not pretty

Me: Your skin is very beautiful.

Abby: I need water

Me: You have a cup of water by your bed

Abby: It is not cold enough

Me: Good night Abby

Abby: Mom, wait...did you know that my teacher's name is Ms. Casey?

Me: Good night Abby

Abby: But mom, where we going tomorrow?

(I move toward the door)

Abby: Mom, mom, wait...do you want to lay with me?

Me: I love you good night

Abby: But mom, I don't like spiders, I like ponies. Is Jesus in my heart? Where is Nana and Papa? Is daddy home? Is Logan asleep? Are your frustrated? What's that noise? I'm just not very sleepy..........

I'll give her credit, she gets very creative in her stalling techniques.

Logan Day

My name is Logan. I've had a busy week. I worked at the office and talked to my people. The benefit of working from home is that you can work in the nude.

I played outside and tried some big boy underwear. Very comfortable, and easy access to the goods. (haha)
Then I kissed on my sister.

I played fairy princess



Abby's Song

Abby loves her Veggie Tale worship CD. She was singing one of her favorites as loud as she could the other night:

I've got love like the lotion
I've got love like the lotion
I've got love like the lotion
In my soul!

I had to giggle to myself.


Mom Flu?

There's bird flu, swine flu, but what about mom flu? This lovely weekend I'm sick. And I think it was brought on by motherhood fatigue. Not sure if you can actually get the flu because of getting so little sleep, but that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Now, excuse me while I try to lay down.

Which is impossible with a one and three year old.

Yep, one of the challenging side effects of mom flu.