Bedtime Prayers

Tonight I was putting Abigail to bed. We were getting ready to say bedtime prayers and I asked her what she wanted to thank Jesus for. Here is her response, and I quote:
  • My brother Logan
  • flowers
  • the sun
  • my pony dolls
  • Emma, my friend from school
  • mommy
  • daddy
  • becca
  • my cousins
  • Casey, Megan's dog
  • Ms. Casey, my teacher
  • my dresses
  • my pictures
  • my books
  • the sky
  • nana
  • papa
  • grandma
  • megan
  • jared
  • flowers, oh I said that already
If only I remembered to thank Jesus for all my simple blessings. Funny how my kids can teach me how to pray.

1 comment:

  1. The joys of childhood. Wish I could think like that again. :)