Happy Halloween

We had a low key Halloween. We ate some good chicken tortilla soup--even though it was 90+ today--and then we trick-or-treated our way around the neighborhood.
The kids looked cute.
Candy was gotten.
Abby was trilled that all you had to do was walk up to a house, stand there, and people piled candy into her bag. She keep yelling, "I love trick-or-treating!!"

ps--Becca, here's the tutu that I made for Abby--she was a pony ballerina. :)


  1. wow, that is SOO cute. You did a great job on her hair and tutu! Way to go.

    I love you all! Happy Halloween!

  2. You did do a great job and the kids looked great.
    Sorry we missed it. Still so sick. :( Hoping for health again.
    Talk to you soon. Mom