Just another day with my chicks

Today I.....
  • bought a fish for Abby
  • make Abby her Pony Ballerina Halloween costume
  • broke up 20+ fights between my chicks
  • retrieved a marble from the garbage disposal
  • caught Abby trying to stab Logan's arm with a plastic fork
  • caught Abby using her nails on Logan's face
  • caught Logan throwing all of Abby's play dough onto the floor
  • found Logan trying to shove books into the fishes bowl
  • picked up a trail of Cheerios
  • found Logan on the side yard trying to put a bag of black beans in the trash can. strange.
  • found Logan with Silly Putty--then scraped up tiny pieces of silly putty from the leather couch
  • Found Logan stuffed inside my laptop case
  • stopped Logan from jumping over a wall onto the sidewalk four feet below
  • said, "close the backdoor!!" about 37 times
  • removed a wooden spoon from Logan as he was hammering his own head with it
  • watched a Barbie movie (not a fan)
  • picked up Play Dough off the backyard patio
  • found my missing kitchen rug--it was outside, thanks Logan.
  • found the missing bathroom rug--it was semi-shoved under the couch--thanks Logan
  • said, "stop saying no to your brother" about 100+ times
It's only 4pm. I'm a bit tired. It's been a good day actually--no major meltdowns, no major problems, and in spite of my busy little chicks--I've actually accomplished quite a bit.

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