My day

Here is what filled my day today

  • Making an apple pie with Abby. It's my first apple pie. It tastes good, but looks really gross.
  • Grocery shopping. This time I gave in and allowed the kids to sit in one of those truck cart things. It was not bad. In fact, they were so happy to be "driving" the cart that I got to shop in peace. But I still shopped fast, since a one and three year old do not allow for leisurely shopping.
  • I vacuumed. And then decided that I must rearrange my entire front room. So, as my children watched in amazement, I dragged couches, the TV, TV stand, furniture from Logan's room to the front room, only to realize that the TV didn't fit, so back to Logan's room it went. I had a big mess in my front room when my dad showed up at my door. YES! Just in time to help me strategies how to rearrange my space. We moved, pushed, pulled, disassembled, and dragged until we realized that there is only ONE possible way to arrange the furniture and had to move everything back to where it was before we started.
WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! Sorry for that one dad! :)
  • I made tacos, but my dad had to run to the store for half of the ingredients...like I said, grocery shopping with two kids is worthless at times. Sorry about that dad!
  • I am now sitting on the couch.
  • Kids are to my left and to my right with buckets of toys that they are loading and unloading.
  • My dad is nearly asleep on the couch.
  • John is watching the Dodgers.
  • It is a cool Fall night.

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  1. sounds like fun! I guess it was a week for rearranging furniture. My stuffed chair is still in the bedroom, where it doesn't fit and sadly now it is piled with junk... it has to go! Maybe the kids room? I don't know. I know they will just destroy it!