Nightime Negotiations

Setting: a cool night, a quiet house...5 minutes after the children have been put to sleep.

Abby: Mom, mom, I need you...

(I walk to her room)

Me: Yes, Abby

Abby: I forgot something

Me: Yes, Abby

Abby: We forgot to wash my skin

Me: You didn't want a bath tonight. We'll do a bath in the morning.

Abby: I cannot sleep with skin that is not pretty

Me: Your skin is very beautiful.

Abby: I need water

Me: You have a cup of water by your bed

Abby: It is not cold enough

Me: Good night Abby

Abby: Mom, wait...did you know that my teacher's name is Ms. Casey?

Me: Good night Abby

Abby: But mom, where we going tomorrow?

(I move toward the door)

Abby: Mom, mom, wait...do you want to lay with me?

Me: I love you good night

Abby: But mom, I don't like spiders, I like ponies. Is Jesus in my heart? Where is Nana and Papa? Is daddy home? Is Logan asleep? Are your frustrated? What's that noise? I'm just not very sleepy..........

I'll give her credit, she gets very creative in her stalling techniques.

1 comment:

  1. Too cute! :)
    I love the skin thing.
    New one to me.
    At your house the other night she asked me if God is a boy or girl! Pretty deep for a 3 year old.
    Love you