Oak Glen

When I was a teenager I worked in a candy store in Oak Glen. Yesterday John and I decided to ditch church and take the kids to Oak Glen. It had been over 10years since I've been there, and I have to say that the sleepy little mountain village is absolutely charming! The trees were beautiful. The smell of apples and fresh apple cider in the air. Country music playing, steaming hot coffee being served and caramel apples as far as the eye can see! It was a really fun day. I didn't even feel like we were in California. A lovely change of pace.

We ate at Apple Annies. During our lunch a "gun fight" broke out--just a reenactment of a wild west scene. I thought it would scare Abby, but she loved it! They came over and gave her the bullet shell. I can see how this would have been so cheesy as a 16 year old, but coming back as a 31 year old mom to small children, it was fun to watch my kids as the guns started blasting!

Thee biggest day of Abby's life thus far. She rode a real live pony named "Angel." She was absolutley thrilled. Logan rode a wild little stallion too! (ps--apparently I was really excited too...see my face)

Abigail got a princess crown. No day is complete without some type of fairy/ballerina/princess dress up.

Pumpkins, half off.
Grandma bought the kids big suckers. Logan sucked it three times and used it as a sword the rest of the day. Abby, aka: sugar queen, sucked hers to the wooden stick.



Abigail and Logan are so opposite and although trying to please two very different temperaments can be difficult, I think their differences remind me of God's creativity. It blows my mind to think that no two people are alike. How incredibly artistic the Lord is. How can he think up so many different personalities, noses, eyes, toes, and laughs. Amazing.

-My Logan-
Risk Taker
Not easily intimidated
High Energy, needs to get outside and RUN

-My Abby-
Strong Willed
Deep Thinker
Low Energy, could read books all day


Giving Thanks

For a husband who, no matter how busy or tired, will go out of his way to tell me he loves me.

For a daughter who tells me she loves me 20+ times a day, everyday.

For a son who yells "mommy!!!" and runs to give me a tight hug.

For God, who never ever leaves me.

For learning about the bible by reading my father's bible study sermons.

For a mother who pretty much reads my mind without any effort.

For a sister who, no matter the miles, is a big part of my life.

For a roof over my head and food in my children's tummy's.


Up late

It is quiet here in my home tonight.
Very quiet.
Just the sound of my keyboard and the nearly muted television.
It is a luxury.
It is uninterrupted.
It allows for selfish usage of time.
I've been reading a good book for nearly three hours.
I keep telling myself to stop and go to bed.
It is quiet.
I have zero interruptions.
I can be selfish.
I'm a night owl.

Just like I do each morning, I will pay!
I will struggle against being irritated and grumpy.
I will struggle to stay awake when the clock hits 3pm.
I will turn on the TV for the kids.
I will feel guilty.
I will promise that I'll go to bed early.


Then comes the night.
And it is quiet.
It is uninterrupted.

Thus this vicious cycle continues.

John will be home by 1pm and has the rest of the week off!
So, I will read just one more chapter.


3 year old questions

Here are some questions & statements that my beautiful 3 year old has recently said. She is FULL of questions. hundreds.of.questions.all.day.long! :)

  • Mom, will I have a hearing aid when I'm 15?
  • Abby: "Are Becca and Peter are nocturnal like possums?" Me: "no, why?" Abby: "because they are awake at night when we sleep."
  • Why is the meat red before you cook it and brown after?
  • Does Jesus live in my heart?
  • Does Daddy live in my heart?
  • Why is your tummy a little bit fat? (nice)
  • Do Becca and Peter live in outer space with Wall-E?
  • Did you know that Jesus lives in Bethlehem.
  • Mom, I'm going to get married when I'm six.
  • Why do mermaids wear bras?
  • When will I get hair under my arms? I really don't want it, that's really scary!!
  • me: "Abby I love you even when you are naughty. her: "I know, I love you when you're frustrated."


Happy Day to you

Have a happy weekend.


Getting Dressed

After waking up with the kids, watching some cartoons, breaking up a few rounds of fights, battling Abigail's strong will, making breakfast, cleaning up breakfast, and getting both kids dressed, I wanted to take a shower. I wanted to take a shower without children. I wanted my shower to be really hot and very quiet. I looked at the kids. They were absorbed with their toys, so I took advantage of this rare sight and ran to the shower, flipped on the water, and jumped in...ever so quietly.

Ahh. Hot water. Quiet. I closed my eyes to take advantage of this lovely moment. Nearly 12 seconds passed and then my moment was interrupted by a loud banging on the door. I looked through the beveled glass trying to decipher whose hand was stealing my moment of peace. It was Abby. I asked what she needs. She tells me that she doesn't like to be alone. I remind her that Logan is out front so she is not alone. She disappears.

I return to my moment until I hear Abby announce that she needs music. Then music begins to blare from somewhere in my room. I squint my eyes to see through the steamed shower door and I see two small figures gathered around my alarm clock, frantically pushing buttons. They shout with glee and are pleased that they conquered the radio. Then they leave. They leave the room with FM commercials blaring. So much for quiet.

I wash my hair quickly. I hear Abby yelling Logan's name. My water turns cold. The water only turns cold when water is turned on somewhere else in the house. I think of the possibilities as I rinse off in lukewarm water; could it be the sink in the front bathroom? The hose int he backyard? Did they crawl in the tub? Could they be filling the tub with water??? They could drown!!

I jump out of the shower. I am reaching for a towel when I hear Abigail's voice streaming Logan's name. No time to think. Something must be wrong. I run, completely wet, out of the bathroom, through my bedroom, into the living room, and head to the kitchen. I grab my robe off of the couch as I fly by because I fear I may have to run through the backyard and possibly down the street to retrieve my son. I make my way into the kitchen. I am just pulling on my robe when I see both of my children. They are still inside. They are safe. They are both under the kitchen table with a pile of crayons. They are fighting and yelling frantically at each other.

I stop. I ask what is going on??? Abby tells me that Logan won't give her the red crayon.

I am mad.
I am cold.
I am dripping wet.

I tell them to work it out. I storm back to my room to dry off and get dressed.

I get my pants on. I hear Logan begin to cry really hard. Abby comes running around the corner. I reach for a bra, after all the gardeners will be here soon, I run back to the kitchen. Logan has fallen. He is very upset. I hold him. I comfort him. All is well again.

I return to my room.
I find a shirt.
I am finally showered and dressed.
What an accomplishment.


Cookies for Breakfast

It was too quiet in the house. My first thought is always, "where is Logan and what is he doing?" I found him. With a tin of cookies. Frantically shoveling them into his mouth. Nutritious? No.
Delicious? Sure looks like it.


Church Family

Today is Sunday. We will go to church as we do most Sundays. I love our church. I love the music--they totally rock. I love our pastor. But mostly I really love people watching at church. Our church is multicultural. There are people of all colors, and people from all walks of life.

  • There is the one guy who is from Sweden, but lives here in CA--he was homeless, but a woman from our church pulled her car onto the side of the road on day (at the Lord's beckoning) and drove him to get food stamps...this lead to a friendship, and then he joined her at church. He has been at our church ever since. He is not homeless anymore. I don't really know him, but I love that story.
  • There is a Hispanic woman who attends. She is so nice and I love talking with her, but even more than that, I love to stand near her in church because when the music starts she sings really loud with the most beautiful accent.
  • There is a woman who I do not know at all, but one time I was helping serve communion and she came up and held out her hands so that I could help her by placing a piece of cracker in her palm. Her hands were shaking severely. She could not steady them. The little cup of grape juice spilled onto the white napkin that she had strategically placed in her shaky hands --but despite her difficulty, she came forward to receive the Lord's supper.
  • There is a couple who has a passion for forming relationships with the local university's foreign students. So they always have incredible stories about what happens when you open up your home to those far away from theirs.
The list could go on, but I think this is my most favorite part about church. The people and their stories.


Disney Take II

We had a great day at Disneyland. My legs are hurting from 7ish hours of walking and holding kids...but what a great way to work out! :) The weather was perfect, and the lines were short--perfect! Enjoy some pictures...

My good lookin' boys
Our family

This time Abby picked a Minnie mouse crown hat--that seems appropriate.

More of my handsome boys--in Tarzan's treehouse

A bug's life...riding rides

Ladybug Abby

Aww...i love those rare moments when they hug

The happiest place on earth

Today is Monday. John has the day off. We are heading to Disneyland! I'm still recovering from some sort of flu....so I hope I can keep up!! wish me luck!


I need God

I feel sick. again. I am very tired of feeling sick. I feel flu like. It is a real bummer. John has to be at an event tonight, so I'm here with the kids. It is hard to be sick with kids. There is no option to lay down, to relax, to sleep, to heal. They continue doing what they do and I try and keep up.

This has the tenancy to really overwhelm me.

Tonight when John was about to walk out the door, I started crying. I don't even know why. I'm just tired. I miss John. I want to feel better. I want to lay down and do nothing, but I can't. One of those days I guess.


Often, when I'm emotional, overwhelmed, and tired I remember that God is with me. He's right here, on the couch, watching Lion King. When John is gone, God is here. When I am tired, God is not. When I don't want to be mommy, God reminds me that these kids are His, not mine--but that He has blessed me with them. When I want to lay down and give up, God can give me the energy to go forward.

I just have to ask.

I just have to seek Him.

I have to pull my brain from it's depressed state, and focus on God.

He is here.

He is going to give me the energy I need.

He is going to comfort me and my tired soul.

If I ask.

If I let.


Bubble Swimmer

Abby's been asking for a pet. We are not cat people. We are not Guinea pig people. We are not hamster people. We are dog people. Although we are dog people, I'm not ready to take on the responsibility of a dog. Mainly the picking up of poop. I already have enough poo clean up going on without a dog. :) So, we will put the puppy business on hold for now.
Instead, I took Abby to Petsmart and we bought a fish. A betta fish. It is pink and purple. Abby picked out pink plants for it's bowl. It lives in Abby's room. It was named by Abby. We call him bubble-swimmer. According to Abigail, Bubble Swimmer never sleeps, it swims around and looks at her.

Welcome Bubble Swimmer...may you swim for many moons in our home.


at this very moment....

....the kids are bathed, dressed, feed, and countdown until bedtime is on. T minus 35 minutes....

...Logan is next to me on the couch "brushing" my hair with a vacuum brush attachment, while he talks on the phone...or aka: the calculator.

...Abby is quoting Eva word for word. For those who aren't familiar with Wall-E, Eva only says like six words the whole movie....and it's kind of freaking me out because Eva is a robot and talks as such...and Abby has the robot dialogue down to a tee. hmmm...I think we've watched this movie too much.



Now Logan has punched Abby in the face with a flashlight, and Abby has pushed him over....

....but wait, all is well...they are back to happily watching Wall-E, while reaching over to smack each other every few seconds.

That's what's happening here...at 7:31pm

T minus 29 minutes until bedtime....

....I mean, not like I'm counting or anything. ahem.