3 year old questions

Here are some questions & statements that my beautiful 3 year old has recently said. She is FULL of questions. hundreds.of.questions.all.day.long! :)

  • Mom, will I have a hearing aid when I'm 15?
  • Abby: "Are Becca and Peter are nocturnal like possums?" Me: "no, why?" Abby: "because they are awake at night when we sleep."
  • Why is the meat red before you cook it and brown after?
  • Does Jesus live in my heart?
  • Does Daddy live in my heart?
  • Why is your tummy a little bit fat? (nice)
  • Do Becca and Peter live in outer space with Wall-E?
  • Did you know that Jesus lives in Bethlehem.
  • Mom, I'm going to get married when I'm six.
  • Why do mermaids wear bras?
  • When will I get hair under my arms? I really don't want it, that's really scary!!
  • me: "Abby I love you even when you are naughty. her: "I know, I love you when you're frustrated."


  1. I love it! I am so glad you are writing down these sayings. They really are so cute.
    Love you Mom

  2. Those are GREAT... I love that I am a possum and I am in outer space! LOL I guess to her, it might as well be. What a thinker you have there!

    I love you so much.

    Who is she going to marry when she's six?

    Love you.

  3. Bec, I asked her who she would marry and i was all prepared for "daddy" but she said "Jared!" haha! I asked, "what does being married mean?" And she said, "hugging." cute.

  4. That is so cute! She is truly adorable! When you write about her it makes me want to squeeze her tight and hug her.