Bubble Swimmer

Abby's been asking for a pet. We are not cat people. We are not Guinea pig people. We are not hamster people. We are dog people. Although we are dog people, I'm not ready to take on the responsibility of a dog. Mainly the picking up of poop. I already have enough poo clean up going on without a dog. :) So, we will put the puppy business on hold for now.
Instead, I took Abby to Petsmart and we bought a fish. A betta fish. It is pink and purple. Abby picked out pink plants for it's bowl. It lives in Abby's room. It was named by Abby. We call him bubble-swimmer. According to Abigail, Bubble Swimmer never sleeps, it swims around and looks at her.

Welcome Bubble Swimmer...may you swim for many moons in our home.

1 comment:

  1. SO cool! I hope that bubbles swims happily all night never sleeping keeping watch over abby by night, for a long long long time! Too cute. It is like a guard fish! LOL

    I am laughing too at your post about the countdown to bedtime... I SOOO relate!