Disney Take II

We had a great day at Disneyland. My legs are hurting from 7ish hours of walking and holding kids...but what a great way to work out! :) The weather was perfect, and the lines were short--perfect! Enjoy some pictures...

My good lookin' boys
Our family

This time Abby picked a Minnie mouse crown hat--that seems appropriate.

More of my handsome boys--in Tarzan's treehouse

A bug's life...riding rides

Ladybug Abby

Aww...i love those rare moments when they hug


  1. I love all these pictures!! You have such a beautiful family!!!
    Love you :)

  2. I was finally able to load the pics today... been checking for 3 days, but not able to see bc my internet has been slow.

    I love these pictures. You should frame that one of John and Logan in front of the castle and give it to John for Christmas. Logan is SOOO handsome and he looks SOO grown up!

    I love Abbys taste in hats! CRACK UP. Love you!