Getting Dressed

After waking up with the kids, watching some cartoons, breaking up a few rounds of fights, battling Abigail's strong will, making breakfast, cleaning up breakfast, and getting both kids dressed, I wanted to take a shower. I wanted to take a shower without children. I wanted my shower to be really hot and very quiet. I looked at the kids. They were absorbed with their toys, so I took advantage of this rare sight and ran to the shower, flipped on the water, and jumped in...ever so quietly.

Ahh. Hot water. Quiet. I closed my eyes to take advantage of this lovely moment. Nearly 12 seconds passed and then my moment was interrupted by a loud banging on the door. I looked through the beveled glass trying to decipher whose hand was stealing my moment of peace. It was Abby. I asked what she needs. She tells me that she doesn't like to be alone. I remind her that Logan is out front so she is not alone. She disappears.

I return to my moment until I hear Abby announce that she needs music. Then music begins to blare from somewhere in my room. I squint my eyes to see through the steamed shower door and I see two small figures gathered around my alarm clock, frantically pushing buttons. They shout with glee and are pleased that they conquered the radio. Then they leave. They leave the room with FM commercials blaring. So much for quiet.

I wash my hair quickly. I hear Abby yelling Logan's name. My water turns cold. The water only turns cold when water is turned on somewhere else in the house. I think of the possibilities as I rinse off in lukewarm water; could it be the sink in the front bathroom? The hose int he backyard? Did they crawl in the tub? Could they be filling the tub with water??? They could drown!!

I jump out of the shower. I am reaching for a towel when I hear Abigail's voice streaming Logan's name. No time to think. Something must be wrong. I run, completely wet, out of the bathroom, through my bedroom, into the living room, and head to the kitchen. I grab my robe off of the couch as I fly by because I fear I may have to run through the backyard and possibly down the street to retrieve my son. I make my way into the kitchen. I am just pulling on my robe when I see both of my children. They are still inside. They are safe. They are both under the kitchen table with a pile of crayons. They are fighting and yelling frantically at each other.

I stop. I ask what is going on??? Abby tells me that Logan won't give her the red crayon.

I am mad.
I am cold.
I am dripping wet.

I tell them to work it out. I storm back to my room to dry off and get dressed.

I get my pants on. I hear Logan begin to cry really hard. Abby comes running around the corner. I reach for a bra, after all the gardeners will be here soon, I run back to the kitchen. Logan has fallen. He is very upset. I hold him. I comfort him. All is well again.

I return to my room.
I find a shirt.
I am finally showered and dressed.
What an accomplishment.


  1. I know it's not funny but I was laughing. All a Mom wants is a few minutes of peace. They don't come often.
    Glad your clean. :)

    Love you

  2. I did the same thing today. I.needed.a.shower. I look at them. I tell them I'm going to get a shower. I tell them to be kind. I tell them to stay inside. I tiptoe to the shower. I get in. I felt a pressure change in the house, like when the outside door is open. I am imagining Sierra outside in the cold with bare feet. I start screaming, "Weston are you OK?" I'm frantically soaping up....Silence. I am ready to jump out of the shower... finally he answered, "I'm fine." I start shampooing and yell, "is Sierra ok...." silence. Finally, "ya she's right next to me." ok 30 seconds til my water runs out... so restful!!! :) LOL At least I don't stink anymore!