Oak Glen

When I was a teenager I worked in a candy store in Oak Glen. Yesterday John and I decided to ditch church and take the kids to Oak Glen. It had been over 10years since I've been there, and I have to say that the sleepy little mountain village is absolutely charming! The trees were beautiful. The smell of apples and fresh apple cider in the air. Country music playing, steaming hot coffee being served and caramel apples as far as the eye can see! It was a really fun day. I didn't even feel like we were in California. A lovely change of pace.

We ate at Apple Annies. During our lunch a "gun fight" broke out--just a reenactment of a wild west scene. I thought it would scare Abby, but she loved it! They came over and gave her the bullet shell. I can see how this would have been so cheesy as a 16 year old, but coming back as a 31 year old mom to small children, it was fun to watch my kids as the guns started blasting!

Thee biggest day of Abby's life thus far. She rode a real live pony named "Angel." She was absolutley thrilled. Logan rode a wild little stallion too! (ps--apparently I was really excited too...see my face)

Abigail got a princess crown. No day is complete without some type of fairy/ballerina/princess dress up.

Pumpkins, half off.
Grandma bought the kids big suckers. Logan sucked it three times and used it as a sword the rest of the day. Abby, aka: sugar queen, sucked hers to the wooden stick.

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  1. Family memories, keep making them.
    It's what Abby and Logan will remember.
    I love you!