Up late

It is quiet here in my home tonight.
Very quiet.
Just the sound of my keyboard and the nearly muted television.
It is a luxury.
It is uninterrupted.
It allows for selfish usage of time.
I've been reading a good book for nearly three hours.
I keep telling myself to stop and go to bed.
It is quiet.
I have zero interruptions.
I can be selfish.
I'm a night owl.

Just like I do each morning, I will pay!
I will struggle against being irritated and grumpy.
I will struggle to stay awake when the clock hits 3pm.
I will turn on the TV for the kids.
I will feel guilty.
I will promise that I'll go to bed early.


Then comes the night.
And it is quiet.
It is uninterrupted.

Thus this vicious cycle continues.

John will be home by 1pm and has the rest of the week off!
So, I will read just one more chapter.

1 comment:

  1. So funny, we must be sisters! ;) In UB I had time to sleep... did i? NO WAY. I watched HBO until my eyes turned square and dragged myself out of bed the next day!

    I love those uninterrupted times, it always seems a shame to just go to bed. :)