2009 Year in Review: Aug-Dec

Lazy days of summer, hot hot sun and naked kids running around in the sprinklers. -SEPTEMBER-
My Abigail started preschool. She has done beautifully and seems to really love her teacher and class. She really is a little girl now. No trace of baby to be found.
Curious George and Pony Ballerina for Halloween

Hosted Thanksgiving at our house. It was fun to be with family. Abby made pilgrim hats for everyone, we ate turkey and then watched movies.
A quiet Christmas. A little boy who is almost two. A little girl who loves to talk and dream. A husband who I absolutely love to be around...he makes me laugh, he take good care of me, I love watching him with our children....a true blessing to my heart.

A year of blessings.

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  1. You are a blessed woman! Thanks for sharing your life and heart!