Happy Birthday Sierra

Happy Birthday! I cannot believe that you are THREE!! What a big girl you are!!! I remember that morning you were born. I was at my bible study when my cell phone rang. It was your mommy. She was in labor. I was so honored that she called to check in with me before the show really began! I wished her luck, said a prayer and hung up the phone. About 23 seconds later (haha!) your mom called and said, "it's a girl!!!" I remember the shock in her voice, she really thought you were going to be a boy. She, and your daddy, were thrilled!! I remember seeing pictures of you. You were so small. So delicate.

I wish that I could be near you so that you could shower your special Sierra joy all over me and sit on my lap. I wish that I could have a piece of your birthday cake and watch you open presents. I love you very much. I miss you very much. Happy Birthday my beautiful niece!

I love you!!

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  1. WOW! Thanks so much for this post.It makes me cry to remember the details. I love you so much!

    Our little birthday girl is taking a nap. Today she woke up at 5 and so she's napping early. I'll read it to her when she wakes up!