Ho ho ho & Fa la la la la

We had a really wonderful Christmas. It was very low key and I think that was part of what made it great! We stayed home, John and I cooked a great meal, Carmen was with us, and the kids were happy. Here's some pictures and a video.

Right now I'm watching Griswald's Christmas which is the funniest Christmas movie ever! "You taught me everything I now about exterior illumination" (for you dad! haha!)


  1. Great video. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Becca asked for one...but it so blurry...oh well. :)

  3. i love it! Thanks so much. Isn't mine blurry like that too?

    It's ok that's it's blurry because i can actually watch it and hear sweet Abby and Logan's voices!!

    It loaded up here in less than 12 hours!!! yay!!! Thanks so much.

    Love you,