Disney Movies

I'm sitting here watching Tarzan with Abby. Each time we watch a Disney movie Abigail always asks a ton of questions. For example....I sat and type everything she asked me in about 4 minutes:
  • Why don't butterflies have eyes?
  • Is Logan short or tall?
  • Where is his mommy?
  • Where are his clothes?
  • Why did his mommy die?
  • Is he a girl?
  • Why?
  • He looks like a girl
  • Why did his daddy die?
  • Did they get hurt?
  • Where did the tiger hurt them?
  • Why?
  • Where is the animal mommy's baby?
  • What is that called?
  • Where are they at in the world?
  • Do they live in California?
  • What is that elephant called?
  • Is that a girl?
One theme that is always present in most Disney is death. It makes for an interesting time. Abby is really starting to focus in on death. What is it? What does it mean? How did she die? Why? etc.
We watched Lion King a few weeks ago. I fast forward the movie pasts the part where Uncle Scar kills Simba's dad. Sheesh! But Abby is starting to realize that a big chunk of the plot is missing. Oh my. She asked at least 60 questions about it.
  • Why is he sad?
  • Where is his dad?
  • Is Scar mean?
  • Why is his daddy in the sky?
  • Why did he die?
  • How did he die?
  • Why are they fighting?
When I put on Lion King I was thinking of the great songs, the animals, Africa, etc. However, the big plot in Lion King is murder. The uncle kills the daddy. That is a tough one. It is so sad to see a child's face try and understand these concepts. Often I try and breeze right over it, but Abigail is getting more clever. She knows something happened in the story and wants to understand it. I had to have the "circle of life" talk. I mean I just wanted to get some ironing done...but good ol' Disney movies always usher in the big themes; death, birth, marriage, good, evil, murder, etc.

Cinderella--"mommy what is a step mother?"

Bambi--"where did his mommy go?"

Pinocchio--"what is a lie?"

Sheesh--even Planet Earth is tough..."why do the animals bite each other?"

and the list goes on...


Happy Saturday

It is Saturday morning, and someone is eating piles of blueberries.
Have a great weekend!


Happening Quickly

Tonight I was sitting on the couch snuggling with Logan and Abby. We rented kid movies and made popcorn, so we were ready to go! The kids and I were watching Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. Could that title be any better for my Abigail?! It is pink. There are barbies. They dance. SOLD. :)
Anyhow, Abby was watching and then looked over and said that she was going to wear a really big pretty dress when she gets married to Jared. Then she got all embarrassed. I asked her if she planned to marry Jared soon. She thought about it and then decided that she would wait a little bit because she still wanted to be with mommy and daddy.

But you know what, before I know it she'll have a ring on her finger and a different boy in her heart.

It made watching Barbie a pleasure.


Happy Birthday Logan

To my son,

Two years ago at this very moment I was just getting to sleep, with you right next to me, after a long night of bringing you into this world. You were so small and delicate. You liked to curl into a little ball right next to me. You were my precious son.

This morning, on your 2nd birthday, you are bouncing in and out of this room. You're shoving cranberries into your mouth. You are watching cartoons and giggling at the funny parts.

You have grown into a little boy!

How did this happen so quickly?

It is an honor to by your mother. You make my heart full. You make me laugh with all of your silly antics. You make our family more carefree, more adventurous, and you keep us all on our toes, and you are becoming our little clown because you love to make people laugh! You bring us all so much joy. You are very loving and will always say, "I wuv you mommy" and wrap your arms around me with a tight hug!

Each night when I rock you before bed I pray for you. I pray over your life. I pray that you will always love God, that you will always follow Him. I pray that you will be safe and protected. I pray that God will help me be the mother that you need. I pray that you will sleep through the night. :)

Happy birthday my 2 year old boy. I am so happy and honored to be your mother for another year and accompany you through all the new adventures that await you.


Laudry basket fun on a rainy day

You do what ya gotta do to keep kids entertained on rainy days. :)


My day around 2pm

It is so very difficult to keep this house clean.
A losing battle, but I'll go down fighting!


Rainy Day

pouring rain
lots of rain
all day long.

Watching movies
lots of movies
most of the day.

Children running
children screaming
morning til night.

lots of wood (thanks dad)
all the live long day

Kids with umbrellas
stomping in puddles
watching their breath float away

turkey soup cooking
veggies a-stewing
that sums up our day


This week in the Attwood home....

I found Abigail stripped down to her undies and running through the sprinklers. It was around 50 degrees outside. cold! She has having so much fun and kept begging for a swimsuit. I let her do a few laps and them made her come inside and get warm.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows in the bathtub. Seemed like a fun idea for about 30 seconds. Then I was draining chocolate bath water out of the tub.
finding my kids under the table eating blueberries.

Providing daddy with a warm welcome everyday when he comes home. One of the best parts of the day!
Always a whole lot of dancing!
Snuggling together watching Bambie.


smelly buns

I'm sitting here on the couch watching TV. I have a little boy sitting next to me. He is shoveling blackberries into his mouth. He has his feet resting on my lap. He also has a smelly bum. But he is so cute, that I really do not mind the smelly bum.


A 20 minute drive and 900 questions

  • Mom, where are we going?
  • Are we going to the movie store?
  • Are you taking back movies?
  • What movies are they?
  • Are they for me?
  • Did I watch them?
45 second pause
  • Why does Shadow Man not like Jesus?
  • Why did he kill Ray the bug?
  • Isn't that mean?
  • He stepped on him mom.
  • He doesn't have Jesus in him.
  • Why? Why does he not have Jesus?
  • Ray went to heaven to be with Jesus.
  • Actually mom, Ray went to Peter Pan.
  • You know, the second star to the right.
45 second pause
  • Mom, why is tinkerbell sick?
  • Why is she sad?
  • Why her wings don't work?
  • Why the lost boy bear sad for her?
45 second pause
  • Are we going to ballet class?
  • Did you do dance when you were little?
  • What kind?
  • What was your teacher's name?
  • Did you were shoes?
45 second pause
  • Can I call Logan a girl?
  • I want him to be my twin sister.
  • I will call myself Emily
and on and on and on.....


Dance Class

Today was a mommy milestone. My Abby started her first extracurricular activity.


I wondered if she would be nervous. I wondered if she would freak out when all eyes were on her. I wondered if she'd be able to warm up to her teacher quick enough. I wondered if she would be okay when I left the room.

She did AWESOME!

I walked her in. I introduced her to her teacher. I showed her around a bit. She asked me for a prayer. I embraced her and said a prayer. She gave me a kiss and I walked out of the room.

WOW! She has come a long way. My girl is growing!

They had one way windows where the parents could watch. I watched the whole thing (and chased Logan a few times). It was stickin' adorable!!! They sat in a circle. They kicked their legs. They stretched. The shouted "plie." They leaped. They bowed. They kicked, they ran, they giggled. Abigail jumped right in. She LOVED the tap portion and is now obsessed with tap shoes.

My girl made me proud today.


Air Show

We live about six blocks from a small airport and Logan loves all the planes that fly overhead. So yesterday I took the kids to the air show. It was a little adventure. I knew that it would cost me $7 to get in. I have a five dollar bill and two dollars worth of quarters. After parking two miles away in a rocky dirt field and hoisting my double stroller over about 900 rocks I arrived at the entry gate. I pulled out my money, only to find that I was missing a quarter. One quarter! The woman at the gate would not let me in. I was shocked! I pulled my stroller over to the side in search of my missing quarter. I felt silly and annoyed that I'd made all this effort and I could not get in the door!
A man was standing near me, so I put my dignity aside and asked him if he had a quarter. I explained my situation, and then for some reason I started to cry!!! I felt so foolish!! The man must have worked at the airport because he gave me a free entry ticket. I wiped away my tears, thanked him, and (with very little pride) walked into the airshow.

haha. John just about died when I told him this little story!

The kids and I had fun watching the planes do their tricks. Those pilots are amazing!!!!

Abby begged to do this big slide. I wondered if she would chicken out. The man said I didn't have to pay until she actually did it. She was so brave! She climbed right up and slid down. The slide is steep and really tall. The look on her face as she came down was pure terror. Once she was at the bottom, she started crying hysterically.
The man did not make me pay.
Since I still had my $6.75 in my pocket, I bought Abby her favorite--Cotton candy! Everything was a-okay after that!
Here's the little man watching the planes.


Tea Party

We had a fancy tea party yesterday. It was in our backyard, in the spring like sunshine. Abigail made "desserts" which were raspberries on toothpicks. She speared them herself...because you have to have things fancy at tea parties. Everyone knows that. Cheers!


Daddy's back at work...

Now, who will shoot Logan in the head with the foam bullets all day?
(ps. Logan LOVES it!)


Wanna Worship?

Today the kids and I were playing in the backyard. Abby, who lives life in song, asked me "mom, do you wanna worship?"

"Yes!" I said.

She said, "I will teach you a worship song."

Then she sang, "We can love the Lord all day long. We will worship God! We will bless each other!"

Isn't that just about the most perfect worship song you've ever heard?

Abigail has a tender heart towards the Lord. It is my utmost prayer that her heart will always remain that way.


Attwood Art

they love it. thanks nana and papa.


New Year and a New Health Focus

A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. It is a common disease where the tissue from the uterus begins growing in other parts of the body. In a nutshell--I think my hormones are really screwed up. This began the month after I stopped nursing Logan. Prior to that, I was either pregnant or nursing for four years. It is odd how hard having a child is on a woman's body. Not just the birth itself, but the long terms effects that it can have on woman's body for years to come.
I've been doing a bunch of research to see how nurition and supplements can positivly effect this disease. It is amazing how much food affects our bodys. I've learned a bunch of stuff....here's a bit of what I found interesting. (Becca remember our conspiracy theray chat...seems we were on to something)

  • Estrogen’s natural function is to stimulate cell growth. But excess estrogen contributes to unnatural growth. We know that American women have the highest levels of estrogen in the world. We believe that most of that excess comes from so-called xenoestrogens, compounds whose molecular structure is so similar to estrogen that they have estrogenic effects in the body. These compounds include the growth hormones common in milk and meat production, agricultural pesticides, the chemicals given off by plastics when heated in microwaves, and many other sources. Not surprisingly, for most of us such xenoestrogens are pervasive.
Here's a bit of what I've been learning about a holistic approach for this problem:
  • Diet for endometriosis

    • Change your diet to minimize xenoestrogen exposure. As much as you can, eliminate non-organic dairy products, beef and chicken. (Note that because organic foods contain no added growth hormones, there’s no reason to limit their consumption.)

    • Increase nutrient-rich foods, especially cruciferous vegetables, soy, cold-water fish and fiber, all of which support hormonal balance and help clear excess estrogen from the body.

    • Follow a whole foods diet, being mindful of carbohydrates, to support healthy insulin metabolism and thereby support overall hormonal balance. This includes limiting alcohol intake.

  • Maintain healthy levels of body fat to limit endogenous estrogen production. Body fat is a secondary production site for estrogen, so excess weight often means excess estrogen.
  • Supplement with vitamins and minerals to make up for what is lacking in your daily food intake, including calcium and magnesium.
  • Supplement with phytotherapy to gently normalize hormone levels.
  • Supplement with omega–3 essential fatty acids as a natural anti-inflammatory.
  • Minimize exposure to xenoestrogens in your environment. Don’t microwave food in plastic wrap or containers, and try to minimize the use of plastics for food storage. Read our article on endocrine disruptors for more information.
I have read a bunch of sources that also recommend the importance of following a wheat free, sugar free, diary free diet. WHEEW!!! That is one heck of a change....basically:
  • No red meat
  • No chicken
  • No dairy
  • No wheat (which is in everything!!!)
  • No simple carbs
  • Very limited sugar


I've ordered a book which covers all that I'll need to know. So as I enter into 2010, looks like my diet will be changing a bit. We'll see! Isn't it amazing how the Lord designed his food to be so good for us--and actually heal us?

Wish me luck...